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Dental/Orthodontic Assistant Training??
Start phoning dental offices and ask to speak to the office manager. Ask if their office is hiring dental assistants right now, and if they say yes, then request an interview. If they say no, then ask if they know a dentist who is hiring. Sometimes they do. Your first interview probably will...

Good Vet, Dentist, Farrier?
i have a good Farrier i love him he is located in san diego, his number is 619.729.2311 his name is Jeff Schrader. He is really good i went through a few bad farriers before i could find him. He does magic on peoples horses that seem to be lame for different reasons, someone i know had a mare...

Cosmetic Dentist?
Any general dentist should be capable of doing cosmetic dentistry.. That's why "cosmetic dentistry" is not recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association. To become a dentist in the USA, you need to either earn your Bachelors degree in a 4-year college then go to dental school...

In what country can i work with a dentist certificate from trisakti university, indonesia?
Kalau kamu mau kerja di Amerika, yang jelas kalau kamu sudah nyampai di sini terus mau buka praktika sendiri atau mau kerja di praktika yang lain, kamu harus mengambil test agar dapat sertifikat bahwa kamu memang sudah tahu segalanya yang kamu bisa untuk kerja disini. Satu lagi, harus ada surat...

Classes for Dentistry?
Dentistry school requires the same prerequisites as medical school. In college, you will need a year of biology, physics, general chemistry and organic chemistry. You can either take the one you feel the most comfortable with to ensure you get credit, or you can take the one you feel least...