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Whaen am recently graduated and got a job an academic job aht is my job name as a dentist?
put down anything. it doesn't matter. You are going to be practicing dentistry. Good luck with you practice.

How much does a dental check-up cost in East Palo Alto, CA?
I would say the cost would be between $90 and $150 for a set of 6 to 10 xray films, cleaning, and polishing. In the Northern CA region of where I am (outside the Bay Area) the average is cost is approx. $120 for xrays and a cleaning - at least that is the avg. customary cost charged if one...

Where can I find out that if I ask my dentist to pull my tooth that he has to?
No Dentist HAS to do anything in regards to pulling teeth. Tell him you wont let him do any other work, other than pulling the tooth. My guess is that he wants to keep you coming back, so he can keep charging the state to make more $$. Dont let him do anythign other than pulling it, if he...

Are there any dentists with reasonable dental rates in the Colorado Springs area?
I would suggest looking near where you live. Also, I used to do medical billing and coding and if you contact a dental office and explain that you would be a cash patient, they may discount your rates. They will most likely do this because 1) they don't need to verify benefits which takes...

What is the dentist chair called?
The DENTAL CHAIR is located in the OPERATORY. A RHEOSTAT is used to run the HANDPIECES (drills). When patients are asked to rinse, they spit into a CUSPIDOR. The HVE (high-volume evacuator) is used to remove water and debris from the mouth while treatment is in progress. There~ that should...