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Chance me for UC Berkeley, Irvine, Davis and LA?
I got into Berkeley straight from high school, mostly because of my admission essay, not great grades. Going to Laney (Oakland) or one of the other JCs in the area is a very good strategy, and it will save you money, if you don't get in outright.

Horse has gutteral pouch infection. What should I do?
HaHa...I guess I got lucky on the last one !!!! Anyway, since the pouches have already been scoped and there is still question about the source of the infection, and since no cracked tooth or other sign was evident when the speculum was used to examine the teeth, xray would be the logical...

Free dentist?
Dentists cannot work like doctors. Doctors go to medical school and dentists go to parasite school

Dentistry. what steps do you have to take to be a dentist?
How to Become a Dentist Being a dentist can be an exciting and rewarding career. If you think you might like to become a dentist, the following tips will provide you with information about preparing for an education in dentistry. Find out more about dentists by volunteering in a dental office...

Do Small Smiles located in Springfield MA do braces?
You already go there for your dentist. Ask the dentist or call the office & ask the person who answers the phone