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Honest opinions this piece of writing?
Honestly I don't think you did your homework. You seem to have gotten all your information on the stories from mainstream news media outlets. There is more to be found if you go looking. For instance reports that the confusion about abortion in Ireland...

Western university and toronto for dentistry?
Have you looked at the requirements for the dental schools you want to attend?

Dentists salary in dubai?
I answered your previous question already.Keyword is: EXPERENCE. The more expeience and/or specialized - the better the pay. Please check out backgrounds of dentists receiving a great salary by visiti ng:

Cheapest Dentist, Wisdom tooth extraction in Chicago?
There is indeed one dental school in the Chicago area, and that would be at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Hope this helps.

How is life as a dentist?
If you take after my dentist, you will be in the office from 7 am - 7 pm and he's there every day except Sundays. He is very anal about his job and everything has to be perfect. I think he's a work-a-holic. You have to be very committed to that type of a job because people hurt their teeth...