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Just how human was Jesus?
The only purpose Jesus was in this world was only to died for us so we can have life i great his that man God send Jesus and Jesus was the holy spirit

What special is "cosmetic dentistry"?
Cosmetic Dentistry is something you have done to your teeth that is anything not "needed" it is done for appearance only... Most insurances wont pay for it if its for a cosmetic purpose. Usually Dentist that specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry are dentist that have a very artistic personality...

I need to know all about the invention false teeth by Claudius ash in 1845 please help!!!?
Ash, Claudius (1792–1854), silversmith and dental supplier, the second son of Sarjeant Ash (bap. 1755, d. 1820), silversmith, and his wife, Lydia, was born in London on 2 March 1792 and baptized with his younger brother William on 18 May 1794. At the time of his birth, and for several years...

I am to take Dentistry! Help.?
This is a tricky one. My choice of Chiropractic meant a big time and financial investment, and has meant a satisfying life, but not a lot in terms of money. I suspect the same in Dentistry. On the other hand, my path was with an alternative discipline, while dentistry is more "mainline,"...

Pediatric dentist needed to speak to preschoolers in Royal Oak, MI?
Jillary is right. Just start calling around and ask. Many dentist, especially those who specialize in children's teeth are happy to talk to kids about oral health. You can always ask if a hygienist or dental assistant would like to speak to the kids if you can't find a dentist. You'll find...