Q: Who is the Redhead actress in the 1 800 Dentist Ads?

A:Suzi Barrett.Read More »


Q: Who is the actress in the 1-800-dentist commercials?

A:anne bartee??? anne bartee???Read More »


Q: Who is the female in the 1 800 dentist commericals?

A:I like taking long walks on the beach.but that is not what you are asking. I have no idea who she is, sorry. good luck.Read More »


Q: What is the income of 1-800 DENTIST?

A:They are private, and don't report earnings. However, news have said that in 2006 they reported 43 million in REVENUE. You can guess how much of that is profit....Read More »


Q: Who is the 1-800-dentist girl in the commercial?

A:There are more than one female actresses in the 1800-dentist commercials, as like most others. Actress Suzi Barrett Actress Jennifer DeFilipo Actress Katherine ...Read More »


1 800 dentist careers

What s the deal with jobs at 1-800-DENTIST? 1-800-DENTIST®, the nation s #1 dental marketer, is a fast-growing, venture-backed company. Since 1986 .
Looking for a job with excellent benefits and competitive pay in the Los Angeles area? 1-800-DENTIST has several employment opportunities available.
Jobs at 1 800 Dentist matched your search.(Thanks, but I m looking for jobs). Don t display this message again. Skip to Results. Search Jobs. ResumesSkip to .
36 1 800 Dentist jobs available. Find your next 1 800 Dentist job and jump-start your career with Simply Hired s job search engine.
A 1-800-DENTIST Customer Service Representative annual salary is about $27000, based on salary.Subscribe to "1-800-DENTIST" jobs near Fremont, CA.
Browse 1-800-DENTIST annual salaries by job title. See what others thought about what they got paid at 1-800-DENTIST.
Research 1-800-DENTIST with over reviews from real employees. Learn from their stories and discover if 1-800-DENTIST is right for you!.Subscribe to "1-800 -DENTIST" jobs near Fremont, CA. Don t miss any jobs.we ll email you as they .
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