Q: Who is the actress in the 1-800-dentist commercials?

A:anne bartee??? anne bartee???Read More »


Q: Who is the woman in the 1-800-DENTIST commercial who is always sk...

A:Eleanor Dapplegrey plays the ske...Read More »


Q: Why do I feel like throwing up whenever I see a 1-800-DENTIST com...

A:Because no telephone rep ANYWHERE cares that much about their customers. Source(s): I am a friggin telephone CSR and I know I don't care.Read More »


Q: Does Sarah Palin remind you of the gal in the 1-800 dentist comme...

A:Good...maybe we can convince her to drop the VP and take up a new (safer for all of us) careerRead More »


Q: Who is the 1-800-dentist girl in the commercial?

A:There are more than one female actresses in the 1800-dentist commercials, as like most others. Actress Suzi Barrett Actress Jennifer DeFilipo Actress Katherine ...Read More »


1 800 dentist commercial

Locate a great Commercial Point dentist at 1-800-DENTIST. We simplify the task of finding a great Commercial Point, OH dentist as we do all the screening and .
Either way, 1-800-DENTIST helped her find her new dentist. Now, she.This commercial has been removed at the request of the advertiser.
1-800-DENTIST s dental commercials have helped thousands of dental practices build patient databases. Find out how the power of advertising can work for .
This man was having a hard time getting advice on a new dentist until he called 1 -800-Dentist.
1-800-DENTIST. 159600 likes · 6007 talking about this. Get personally matched to your perfect dentist. Call 1-888-825-1652 or visit.
1-800-DENTIST s Insurance commercial has received a Telly Award! The commercial encourages consumers to use their dental insurance .
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Malpractice in dentistry? What do u think about it?
It's the same for any of the "helping professions." Oh yeah, let's just take a short cut here, nobody will know about it for a while and I still get my money. Their licenses should be revoked...and if the malpractice is on a child, then jail time would be the thing.

Is there a game?????
Yes I read about that at the dentist. There is a game called the second life and at the beginning you can design your own clothes for the character you are going to play.

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pediatrics work on kids,your not a kid.just go to a regular dentist.its not all that bad really.had many teeth pulled.by the way i like your picture.

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It is common for the dentist to jab an area that he feels is suspicious, if the area he jabs feels soft he may suggest an Xray - it is not to ensure additional visits. If your gum still hurts a few weeks later you might have an underlying problem, with your gum or root. Did you tell them that...

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To train as a civilian... http://www.dentalsurgery.com.au/articles... Salary Australia - Top grad salaries in Australia At $60,000, starting salaries for dentists are the highest in Australia. For the Australian Army... http://getaccess.wa.gov.au/careers/profi... http://www.defence.gov.au/adfa/training/...