Q: The company that manufactures Colgate toothpaste claims that 19 o...

A:171 to be exact.Read More »


Q: Self-employed dentists get up 250,000 dollars while most salaried...

A:You need to make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges. 1) The self-employed doctor works much longer hours - she has to manage her business! 2) The self...Read More »


Q: When I had a 180 degree xray at the dentist, I got extremely dizz...

A:I suspect you didn't have a big enough breakfast that morning and that's where the dizzy spell came from.Read More »


180 dentist

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I am having an identity crisis again--anybody help?
Speak with a GENDER therapist. They can help you sort your issues out: http://www.DrBecky.com/therapists.html

Was My Dentist Rude, or Am I Just Too Sensitive?
IDK, but suppose dentists get really passionate over their industry. I had a Vietnamese dentist exclaim, "Look at this tooth!" but I didn't take it personally. I mean, why else would a person worry over YOUR tooth? I had to think back to a movie I saw, "Castaway." You DO NOT want to be caught...

I need recommendations for a good dentist in San mateo, belmont or San carlos?
There is a free service that helps you find pre-screened dentists depending on where you live. I called them a few weeks ago and I found a good dentist with them. Their number is 1-888-457-0805. They will ask you your dental needs (checkup, cleaning, braces, toothache, wisdom teeth,...), your...

What dentists in the Austin/Round Rock area serve people with medicaid, disability (SSI), or low incomes?
If Colorado is like most states, Medicaid does not pay for dental services except for children. There is no government charity for dental work no matter how low your income. Medicaid is enough of a subsidy for the government to have to pay. You have to locate a health clinic that offers low...

I went to Aspen Dental..I havent been to a dentist in 5 yrs...I know I need a deep cleaning and scaling. Aspen?
What you have is called periodontal disease. This is a slow moving illness, and it is the number one cause of tooth loss. It works by the bacteria breaking down and destroying your bone, thus making your periodontal ligament loose, thus causing the lose of the tooth. So just because they are...