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Is there a dentist that will take monthly payments?
Call the public health department and ask about free or low cost dental clinics. Also some dentists have the sort of payment plans (usually pamphlets in the waiting room) where you apply for a credit line and the bank approves you with no interest if you pay it off on time as per the contract...

Need a dentist in jacksonville nc?
Definately does seem like a lot of money. I know for a child in our office we usually dont see alot if any calculus or tartar so we usually just do a polish and flouride application. Perhaps two bitewing xrays. Cost usually runs with an exam as well $100 canadian. So $250 american seems a bit...

Dentist accepting medicaide?
Some do some dont, your best bet is to call around and ask. Or you might be able to call Medicaid and see if they can assist you in finding a dentist. www.1800dentist.com can help you locate dentists that are near you and you can call them and ask about medicaid.

Who would win Josh Neer vs Spencer Fischer?
IMO I believe Spencer would win. He has much more refined striking and Neer loves to show boat during matches. They've fought before and it was really close, and both have improved vastly. It could go either way but I think Spencer would pull it off.

Baby dentist?
Technically, they like to see your baby when their first tooth appears, but they need to be seen by their 1st birthday. At that visit, they'll tell you how often your child needs to be seen because it really depends on your child's individual dental hygiene. If they see that his/her teeth are...