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Are U. of Tennessee and U. of Kentucky any good for an out of state student?
UT has a really good dental program from what I hear. It is a very good school. Try UGA, but apply to UT for a backup. For that matter, apply to UK, too and then decide from there once you're accepted. I assume you mean UT Knoxville? There are 3 ....Knoxville, Chattanooga and the one in...

Short & Long Term Disability Insurance?
MS will be a decline with all private insurance companies with both disability and health insurance. Some states have an insurance plan for the self-employed. Also, there are indemnity plans that might be available in your state that might accept her. Call a local independent agent to see if...

I have been hearing of alot of people getting cheap dentistry in the u.s.Where can i start to even look?
University dental schools often offer low cost work. There are big companies like Aspen Dental that offer low cost dentures.

I want a perfect smile?
You know many celebrities use fake teeth. You could get braces or invisalign,but cosmetic dentistry is not needed. If your teeth are naturally straight, then you really don't need anything, except you could maybe get your teeth whitened. You can't replicate someone's smile just because you...

Good Ideas for work experience?
Myer City! Thats where I did it for a week this november..... its just a bit of fun.... i didnt know where else to do it so i thought- why not myer. Just a suggestion -) Good luck with your decision. EDIT-------- Btw some of my friends did it at a dentistry, energy australia, medical centre...