Q: How does 1800 Dentists make money?

A:Dentists pay a monthly (and expensive) fee to be listed on various calling lists (Emergency, etc.Read More »


Q: Who is the actress in the 1-800-dentist commercials?

A:anne bartee??? anne bartee???Read More »


Q: How does 1800 dentist work?

A:Unlike the yellow pages, 1-800 dentist screens and continually monitors our memberRead More »


Q: Where can one find dentist reviews online?

A:There are any companies and websites that regularly review the quality and cost of dentists. Some of the websites are Angie's List, ZocDoc, and 1800dentist.Read More »


Q: What are reviews of The Dentist ?

A:Gory as hellRead More »


1800 dentist reviews

I ve learned my lesson and because 1 800 DENTIST is paid for by.Remember to post reviews of your current or previous dentist/s to continue .
Every dentist is screened. We check every detail for a perfect match.Payment and insurance options.Specialties and patient reviews.Location, hours, and .
Dentist reviews: We know you ll be happy with the dental care you receive from our dentists! Read reviews from other patients. Call us at 1-866-970-9853.
If not, Judysbook.com is a good place to read review of local dentist or.you can try yelp, they have reviews and ratings etc, 1 800 dentists is .
1800 Dentist complaints about representative left conversation and no answer. 1800 Dentist - 1800Dentist. Scripted nonsense, no help, no dentist.1800 Dentist .
BBB s Business Review for 1-800-DENTIST, Business Reviews and Ratings for 1 -800-DENTIST in Los Angeles, CA.
Get patient reviews and ratings for Smiles Dentistry of Mitchellville, Neri P. Mark, DDS,Valencia M. Bartholomew, DDS. Find a quality dentist you can trust.
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