Q: How does 1800 dentist work?

A:Unlike the yellow pages, 1-800 dentist screens and continually monitors our memberRead More »


Q: How does 1800 Dentists make money?

A:Dentists pay a monthly (and expensive) fee to be listed on various calling lists (Emergency, etc.Read More »


Q: Who is the actress in the 1-800-dentist commercials?

A:anne bartee??? anne bartee???Read More »


Q: What is the income of 1-800 DENTIST?

A:They are private, and don't report earnings. However, news have said that in 2006 they reported 43 million in REVENUE. You can guess how much of that is profit....Read More »


Q: Who is the 1-800-dentist girl in the commercial?

A:There are more than one female actresses in the 1800-dentist commercials, as like most others. Actress Suzi Barrett Actress Jennifer DeFilipo Actress Katherine ...Read More »


1800 dentist

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1-800-DENTIST® is the nation s #1 FREE dental referral service. Our lightning- fast search algorithm and one-on-one consultations help you .
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1-800-DENTIST helps users find a dentist based on their requirements and payment needs.
1-800-DENTIST. 159600 likes · 6007 talking about this. Get personally matched to your perfect dentist. Call 1-888-825-1652 or visit.
Futuredontics, parent company of 1-800-DENTIST, is America s leading provider of dental marketing services and software.
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Do all dentists accept cash, credit cards, or checks if they are not covered by your dental plan?
The oral surgeon I work for accepts credit cards/cash/checks/money orders. We do not have a preference on what type you use. Do you have out of network benefits? If you do the insurance should still pay on the procedure just not as much as if you went to a network provider. Good Luck!!

Roughly, how much do veneers cost?
HELLO, in dentistry there is rule of 2 and this means that for the best AESTHETIC results there must be a multiple of 2 for veneers. Expect to pay about $1,000 (us) or more for each one you get and know that insurance does not cover it.

A dentist that will fit me braces in the uk, Northamptonshire.?
Dentists don't fit braces, orthodontists do. Google orthodontists in Northampton and you will get results. By the way the cost will be about 3 times what you have posted. The average cost is ?2000- ?3000.

How long does it takes to become a Dentist, Pharmacy technical or Pharmacy Assistant or Dental Assistant?
In order to be a dentist, you need to: -Get a Bachelor of science degree (4 years) -During the senior year, you take entrance exams and apply to dental schools -Go to dental school (4 years) -Your senior year, you will take your boards -Then, you'll be in residency which takes at least another...

I'm looking for a BBB approved Dental Insurance plan--can anyone recommend one? I live in San Diego, CA...?
I've never seen any private dental insurance policies that pay out more than they cost. And although they'll cover an anesthetic, for sedation, you need to file the claim on HEALTH insurance, if you have it. Anesthesiologists sedate. Dentists numb. Bottom line - your best bet is to find...