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CPA, doctor, or dentist? in philippines?
Well, the 15 top paying jobs in the world are all Doctors of various specialties. Lawyers come in 16th, and CPA? Not in the top 25 even. Besides, there are way too many CPAs already in the Philippines and the leading accounting firm in the Philippines, SGV is already in shambles - and it gets...

Hi! I'm italian, can someone correct for me this homework? :)?
The subject of the article published in “The Guardian” on Friday 18 January 2013 is Quentin Tarantino's latest film “Django Unchained”. Peter Bradshaw, the author of the article, describes this film as "shameful but delightful". It is a western set in the slave plantations of 1858. After suffering...

Do I have a chance to become a dentist?
I would recommend talking to an academic advisor at your college. I don't think it will matter that you got bad grades in high school, it's a whole different game once you earn at least 12 credit hours in college. And I don't think it will matter that you went to a community college, either...

Dentist examination in army?
your right mate,its just a normal dentist appointment,they just see if your teeth and gum are healthy and if they find something they just tell you what you have to do to fix or prevent it that's all. when i went down to kapooka for basic training everyone had to get it done and they told me...

Did you hear the latest news about marsha and jan from the brady bunch?
damn, marcia fooled me. i thought she really did have a huge crush on davey jones, dr. vogel (the dentist) and doug simpson (the big man on campus)!! great acting, who would've thought?