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Popular Q&A

Where are there dentistry schools in Orlando?
Well there are two dental schools in the state of Florida, the University of Florida College of Dentistry and Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine. The University of Florida has a few field clinics around Florida where students can learn and practice in the clinics as for...

What`s the best cure for bad breath or who`s the best dentist in manila that can help my nephew`s bad breath?
bad breath or halitosis is usually associated with poor oral hygeine so first thing to be cosidered will be hygiene which can be attained by proper brushing and flossing and tongue cleaning as many a times there are deposits on tongue which causes foul breadth , use antibacterial mouthwash's...

Should I become an accountant or dentist?
I think accountant would only really pay off after a few years (kissing people's asses for years is a NONO for me 2) lol. Right off dental school I saw that you can make 6 figures easily. At least were I'm from since it really depends on we're your from here in Des Moines, IA a general dentist...

Salaries for healthcare providers in rural areas?
You shouldn't listen to those people. Look, 60k in a rural area is a pretty healthy income, and six figures is extravagant. Man I used to make 50k - 60k during a time when I was paying $1000 a month in rent in San Diego, and I still had tons of extra money every month to squander. What gets...

Pediatric dentistry in Seattle?
This is a bad way to pick a dentist. Better ideas: ask your child's pediatrician- your neighbors- other mom's in your child's school/playgroup- call the Seattle/King County Dental Society : 206-443-7607