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Popular Q&A

Are dentist's open on Thanksgiving?
probably not, to both parts. If you can't wait, go to the ER they can give you temporary relief for what ever it is that caused you to ask the question. They really will.

To the 1st question to what will happen if I pull my own tooth out?
Dentists are terribly over priced for such simple work. Yes it is simple for a dentist but I know that there is a technique to pulling teeth and if you mess it up you will really rack up the bills then! Id suggest asking a local gp/family doctor with a LOT of experience (older in age) a long...

Glasses with maginfiers: Dental loupes?
I found this dental loupes buying guide that may help you with this. http://www.orascoptic.com/index/orascopt...

Complete dental oral examination?
Hi Jason- In our office a complete exam covers-----FMX(full mouth x-rays), oral examination. After this the dentist goes over your treatment with you. Some may include a prophylaxis(teeth cleaning) also. Time wise--about an hour. If you get your teeth cleaned add another hour to that.

Dentists that take tricare on long island?
Did you check here: http://www.geoaccess.com/UnitedConcordia...