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Futuredontics, parent company of 1-800-DENTIST, is America s leading provider of dental marketing services and software.
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1-800-DENTIST helps users find a dentist based on their requirements and payment needs.
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I just moved to Humble, TX, and I need a new dentist. Know of one that's good... and hopefully kind?
Contact the local oral surgeons in the area and ask them. They should be able to recommend the most competent dentists . Good Luck

Teeth whitening at the dentists?
A lot depends on the dentist and where you live. There's more competition in larger cities (especially cities where looks are everything like NYC and LA), so you can get it done cheaper there. The other consideration is how stained your teeth are now. The more stained they are, the more...

Is a 1 year contract possible as a General Dentist?
Typically, yes. Initial contracts with new employees are often 12 months in length as a trial period. However, you must be careful here. This is usually done with the intention of both parties to continue employment. It would be unethical to go into a "probation" contract without the intention...

Made Up Superhero Ideas?
The SnapShot- Can freeze time , so it's just like a photo by yelling really loud. Uses powers to explore the beauty of the world and take photo's as well as fight crime as well as procrastinate as much as you want ( because you froze time) -) Arch Nemesis: The dentist- and evil bad guy who...

CSI las Vegas on Thursday? Is there going to be a continuation?
No it ended.....it ended with the fact that they got the guy which was the dentist but he wasnt going to help them figure out who the ladies were that he killed. No they werent.