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Dentist/or dental student question..brown stain between two upper front teeth?
Since you state your hygiene is very good, I seriously doubt it's a cavity. I would guess it's just a stain, just like you thought. How did you get it ... probably the tea and coffee. I have patients with very good oral hygiene and they still sometimes get stains. Please don't worry, a quick...

Can't find dentist to help a young man that has autism in this area?
Try the University of Kentucky dental school. Dental schools are often special-needs friendly. Good luck.

Getting a job with a dentist assistant???????????,?
Don't let the negativity worry you~ Plenty of entry-level assistants get jobs! How do you think current dental assistants learned what they know? They were taught, and then someone gave them a chance and offered them their first job. No one was born with dental knowledge... 23, 33, 43.....

What is the best college to go to become a dentist in San Fransisco?
UOP is three years, go there. Two first two years of dental school are not really necessary, you learn every thing the last two years. I mean how many dentist do you know that do gram staining in their clinics, I dont know of any. So save your money and go to UOP thats one less year of school...

Dentist drill video?
What a great question! I just googled it, and there are quite a few sites that offer this kind of video..... check it out! :)