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Dentist reviews: We know you ll be happy with the dental care you receive from our dentists! Read reviews from other patients. Call us at 1-866-970-9853.
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How can I get dental reviews on dentist in my area?
ratemds.com You can view other reviews and even rate your own without an account.

Working as a dentist in the USA?
In America, dentists are doctors. So after they do their Bachelors, they will go onto dental school to get their graduate degree. We do not sit exams in America, you actually have to go to school, and you will have work to do constantly throughout the year. We have multiple tests throughout...

I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where is the cheapest place to get braces?
My daughter is getting ready for braces and I'm going to a regular dentist that has schooling and experience in orthodontics. The savings with a dentist over an orthodontist is substantial. My sister-in-law did this and saved a couple thousand dollars and my nephews teeth turned out wonderful...

What dentist in dearborn excepts midwest health insurance even if yout over 18?
Midwest Health Plan administers the MI Child medicaid program which provides health and dental care for children of working families in Michigan. To find a dentist that participates call Midwest Health Customer Service at 1-888-654-2200

Dental assistant vs dental hygienist, before becoming a dentist?
In most states, there's no real official training for dental assistants. A lot of times, a dentist just hires someone and trains them themselves- no licenses, no certification, except to do certain things like polishing teeth, but if all you're doing is handing the dentist instruments, you...