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Free conservative dentistry book?
Try searching the internet for what you're looking for. A lot of the time, you will find your answer this way...

Has anyone been to a good cheap dentist in mexico across the AZ border? What was the price ranges?
There's a little town just past Yuma, it's call Algodones, Mexico. That place is great for that, they have dentists in all specialities, pharmacies, opticals, restaurants and artesanias. To get there you have to take the I-8, thats the fwy that takes you to San Diego, when you pass Yuma and...

Sedation dentistry?
I hate going to the dentist, even now, when I'm over 50, I have sedation every time i so. they usually start with laughing gas, the they use something like Valium to relax you. at that point, you couldn't care less what is going on because your out there somewhere, then they put a sedative...

Dentist - Wisdom Tooth & paralyses?
First of all you will not get paralysis and you will be able to move your facial muscles. However in around 3% of the cases of lower wisdom tooth removal, there will be parasthesia, which is numbness of the lip or tongue. This almost always returns to normal but it does take a long time....

Dentistry abroard....anyone recomend where to go for the best and most reasonably priced dentistry?
I would shop around first in the UK. There are a lot of Polish dentists in the UK who are now offering much cheaper implants than ever before. This has only just started happening over the past year or so. I've seen pricing at 500 UK pounds per implant. Dental prices are actually coming down...