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Dentist question?
I have been to the dentist many times and I have not heard of any new needles. As long as the needles are sharp it should not hurt much. I don't know if you are talk about deep cleaning or not, but the dentist always want to do a deep cleaning with me I say I don't need that. I don't know what...

What is the "Brits have bad teeth" stereotype all about?
I don't know either, because my cousin in law's wife, at 31, had ALL her teeth replaced because of the BAD dentistry and problems with insurance in Kentucky! She got her false teeth on our NHS!!! I am 29 and have great teeth. I think the stereotype comes into play, because we allow everyone...

Be The First To Name 50 Simple Spanish Words!?
?Que? - What? ?Como? - How? ?Cuando? - When? ?A que hora? - What time? ?Cuantos? / ?Cuantas? - How many? ?Cuanto? / ?Cuanta? - How much? ?Donde? - Where? ?Por que? - Why? ?Que clase de...? - What kind of...? ?Quien? - Who? blanco - white ***** - black rojo - red azul - blue marron - brown gris...

Where is the Best Emergency Dental clinic in Houston?
You may follow https://www.facebook.com/MarquetteDentis... and theire website is -http://www.marquettedentistry.com....tak... suggestion from them And I hope you will release pain very early.

Has anybody had any sucess getting a SnoreGuard device for their sleep apnea, rcving full benefit frm insurnc?
The problem you face is SnoreGuard has been approved by the FDA as a "dental device." As long as it has that term applied to it, you are never going to find a dentist or oral surgeon who will call it a "medical device." Any dentist or oral surgeon worth their salt will never agree to bill...