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Dentistry school?
I'm answering based on my knowledge of US dental school admissions. If you are in another country, you will need someone else's answer. Perhaps your guidance counsellor could provide some resources. Their library might not extend beyond college admissions, though. You can visit any dental...

I am looking for recomedations to a Dentist in Minot ND.?
the two that my family have been to are mark maercklein(701-839-1484) and the greers(701-838-1123) and they have both been great

I need a dentist that will take badger care plus in madison,wisconsin?
Access Community Health Center on East Wash. (the old Dean building, across from Gardner's Bakery) has a dental clinic that accepts Badgercare/Medicaid patients. I recently called and got in very quickly (1-2 weeks)...I don't know if it was just luck or if they're just accepting new Badgercare...

Where can i find how much is usc's tuition?
TROJANS!!! Okay so here it is...I don't knwo if they have Fall 2008 out, yet. Here is Spring 2008- it should give you an idea. Subject to Change Without Notice Tuition (Semester) Regular Session 001 Undergraduate Students 12-18 units $17,606.00 Unit basis 1,185.00 Graduate Students 15-18 units...