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Can some one plz give me some infor... i'm looking for dentist that accepts medical card in champaign il?
You just need to get on the phone & do some leg work. Probably no one here will have the answer. Try dental schools, they are often very low cost.

How does a dentist extract a molar tooth?
First the dentist makes sure there are no problems with your medical history. Then the area of the mouth where the tooth is located is made numb with numbing gel (optional) followed by a local anesthetic (Lidocaine/articane) which non-dentists call "novacaine" or "getting a shot". As soon...

Full time student age 19 - entitled to free dentist treatment or not ?
Dental treatment is free for 19 yr old full time students IF they were under 19 when treatment commenced. I would recommend you fill the form in (they should have given you an HC1 form), so that you can be assessed. Certainly if the bursary is your only income you should find that you will...

Is there a dentist for cats?
Hi there...dental disorders can be treated by a veterinarian since many cats suffer from periodontal disorders. Once a tooth is lost it cannot be restored. The drooling is a result of the periodontal disorder: http://www.manhattancats.com/Articles/dr... Periodontal disorders in cats: http://www...

How Do You make my teeth so white ?
How Teeth Whitening Works – Making an Impression With Your Smile A smile. What is a smile? A smile opens doors. A smile opens hearts. A smile lights up a room. A smile consoles sadness. A smile brings joy. A smile speaks of loving and caring. A smile soothes the soul. How can a simple facial...