Q: Are dentists open on Saturday's?

A:Yes, there are dentists that are open on weekends. If yours aren't you could go to emergency dental clinics. Do you want us to find a dentist for you?Read More »


Q: Are dentists open on saturdays?

A:Dentists open on Saturdays call NHS Dentist on T: 02076101110 for an appointment. They are open from 8.30am to 12.30pm of Saturday. report this answer. Updated ...Read More »


Q: Good dentist open on Saturdays?

A:I'm starting to think it's a good idea to not tell a new dentist that you have insurance until the first appt. is done. Seems they all want to sell you some kin...Read More »


Q: Any dentists open on Saturdays?

A:I believe Dr. Macaughley (sp?) in Mt Pleasant is open, but I think he only sees children.Read More »


Q: Dentist open on Saturday?

A:Have you tried looking in Georgetown? I used Dr. Thad Putnam as our dentist and Dr. Monica Goldenberg as our orthodontist. They use to be (I moved out of state ...Read More »


dentists open saturday

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Perth Family and Emergency Dentist - Receive up to 90% back from your health fund! Open 7.Open Saturday s until 8pm!.Make a Booking - Open Everyday.
If you have a regular NHS dentist and need urgent treatment, contact your dentist for advice. If you do not have a regular NHS dentist, you can contact NHS 111.
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What are good colleges in Ca for future dentists?
any undergrad college will work as long as you earn a bachlors... then any dental school that accepts you. going to a 'prestigous' school will not help you getting into a dental school... a 4.0 from State U is the same as a 4.0 from any UC school..

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Recommendations for dental insurance in California as an unemployed student?
If you just need check-ups and cleanings you are better off without insurance. The premium you'll pay for the insurance during the year will be more than the benefit. A discount plan would have a lower premium, give you some relief on the charges, and will be there should you need other care...