Q: How do dentist put on braces?

A:Its Actually Easy. I just got my braces taken off and Its the best feeling ever! 1-They tell you to bite on a small piece of cotton bud with your front teeth. 2...Read More »


Q: How do dentist put on braces?

A:they stick on little bracket things with glue and put a wire through them :Read More »


Q: How do the Dentist put in Braces?

A:An orthodontist puts a special glue on the bracket and stick it to your tooth. No drills are involved. They dont put any scary instruments in your mouth, unless...Read More »


Q: How do dentists put on braces so it doesnt hurt?

A:Ok I'm only going too say the truth. What they do is they might wash your mouth and they put two suckers in one like sprays water and one sucks up your spit. Th...Read More »


Q: What is a dentist called that puts braces on?

A:OrthodontistRead More »


a dentist putting on braces

Dental braces have changed in recent years. There are many misconceptions about types of braces and how to find a dentist to treat you. This article explains all .
Everything you need to know about getting braces put on. Do braces hurt? How long does it take to get braces? Find the answers and more at Oral-B.
If you are worried that braces hurt, learn what to expect and how you can avoid and.The last thing the dentist will do is put the archwires on the brackets and .
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