Q: What is the dentist?

A:Well its a place that ppl lok at your teeth if you have a weird looking tooth they have to drill it!!! :( it hurts! trust me!?Read More »


Q: What is a dentist?

A:A dentist is a professional person (similar to a doctor) who takes care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Among other things, a dentist also provides fillings when...Read More »


Q: What is dentist?

A:A dentist is a person qualified to practice dentistry. Synonyms are: tooth doctor and dentalRead More »


Q: What is a dentist

A:A dentist is a person who cares for diseases of the teeth and gums.... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: How to Report a Bad Dentist.

A:1. First, discuss the problem with your dentist. We all know that mistakes can be made. We assume that our medical professionals will never make any blunders, b...Read More »


a dentist

Information for high school and college student who are interested in being a dentist.
A Fort Pierce man is in the Palm Beach County Jail after he allegedly offered undercover officers unlicensed dental services at the Sunshine .
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Is it true that 1-800-dentist is a scam?
That's like saying the phone book is scamming people by not including dentists who don't pay to get listed. As others have noted, it is just another method of advertising. Some people may feel that finding the right dentist in their area is a daunting task given the myriad of choices. So they...

I want to be a Forensic Dentist,but I need some help with colleges& stuff.?
There is no real specialty for forensic dentistry. I'm not sure that you would need to be a dentist for that. A forensic dentist would never need to do any treatment that you learn in dental school. What a forensic dentist does is identify, victims and criminal. I would call the local Medical...

More on strange/funny surnames.......?
I worked for 18 months as a telemarketer. In that time I made a list of funny,stupid,weird, etc names. My list took up almost 206 notebook pages. You(well some of you) would be amazed at what names people get stuck with. How about Cunthia Toth? Mongolia Thunderpussy? Brown Gobble? These...

Too old to be a dentist?
I don't think you're too old to be a dentist. Bear in mind you may end up feeling resentful having a family, if you don't take this opportunity to fulfill your calling as a dentist. You may always wonder 'what if?' And that's a right crap feeling! Of course you don't want to take your fertility...

What dental schools in boston do bridges?
BU Henry Goldman School.....