Q: How to get a Good Smile Design Dentistry

A:Beautiful smile can change the entire personality of a person, but to have a beautiful smile; people need to take care of their teeth. One of the easiest ways i...Read More »


Q: How to Have the Perfect Smile

A:1 Don't show anger in your smile, as violent smiles could make people around you intimidated or feel as if you are angry. Ad 2 Don't force a smile that is hard ...Read More »


Q: How to Perfect Your Smile Naturally.

A:1. Take a photograph of yourself smiling. Decide what you like and what you want to change. 2. Study your face in the mirror. Practice smiling to see what diffe...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number for Smile Dentistry?

A:I found a Smile Dental Laboratory, 3331 S 900 E Salt Lake City, UTRead More »


Q: What is small smiles children's dentistry?

A:Forty years ago, Small Smiles was founded on the principle that all childre...Read More »


a perfect smile dentistry

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Can I sue my dentist?
With any filling there is always a risk that drilling the tooth will weaken it to the point where it cracks - so the dentist has not necessarily done anything wrong. It may just be that your tooth wasn't strong enough to take the treatment. The moment you saw that the tooth had split you should...

Where can I get help with dentist bills?
I wonder if you would consider coming to Mexico to get your teeth fixed. It is much cheaper here. Check out EagleDentalClinic.com. This will give you an idea as to the cost compared to prices in US.

If Hamilton pushed a photgrapher the way Kimi did, what would people say?
Kimi as we all know...is a man of few words...he likes to be what he is not like hamilton whose always tryin to be a very very good and diplomatic guy...Kimi had an history of getting very frustrated easily...i had read some where that once when he was a kid he was waiting at an dentists clinic...

Does anyone know of dentists accepting new badgercare patients in madison, fondu lac, or milwaukee?
Chances are VERY slim you will find one. Your better off to just bite the bullet and save up for a trip to the dentist. A friend of mine called all over Madison and all the outlying cities around Madison and no one was taking new Badger care patients. :(

Orthidontise problem?
Very few take medicaid ask them to give you a payment plan