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My teeth are pure yellow, how do make them sparkling white?
Please Please Please do not sign up for any promotional trial offers for teeth whitener as they are a scam. Clean Whites ripped me off for the sum of ?153.00 and only sent me two syringes of whitener. I suggest you go to your dentist for whitener, or if you find that too expensive ask your...

Would you read what JOHN STOSSEL from ABC found out in Canada and England and then ask yourself this?
To reduce costs they'll have to ration -- deny -- care. The sicker you are the elderly,the poor and homeless would need health care the most but would be the least likely to receive it.The government would in effect have the power to say who lives and who dies.

How long does it take for Dentists to put the braces in?
For me it took about 45 minutes... Not too long at all.. The only thing that got on my nerves is they put this plastic thing in my mouth to hold my mouth open Just remember.. that when you first get them on.. you'll be getting used to the adjustment of having metal in your mouth But later on...

Teeth whitening trays?
not really. The gel is basically hydrogen peroxiode. It degrades into water and oxygen over time. The oxygen whitens your teeth and then escapes. As time goes on the gel just stops working because it eventually is all converted to water and the oxygen is gone into the air so you just have...

Anybody know if the horror stories about Cosmetic Dentistry are true? And how much does it cost?
How long ago did you get the crowns? I would never live with bad crowns, and I would go back to the dentist and have them do them over for FREE. After all they are your front teeth and everybody can see them. A proper crown wont show and should look normal. Why pay for veneers when your real...