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Welcome to Ackerman & Associates, a leading dental care practice with a convenient location in Alexandria. Our top priority is helping you achieve and maintain . 5055 Seminary Rd, Alexandria, VA 22311, United States (703) 931-0200
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Mitchell Dental Clinic provides dental procedures such as cleanings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental implants, and porcelain veneers in Ackerman.
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Dr. Ackerman has serve the dental needs of East County Families. He is an exceptional dentist in brentwood ca. Call (925) 684-7722 for your dental care needs.
14 Reviews of Ackerman, DDS & Towson, DDS "I had my first appointment with this dentist office yesterday. All I can say is YAHOO! Seriously, it was a pretty .
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Should I pay hundreds for professional teeth whitening or do drugstore teeth whiteners work just as good?
Crest Whitening strips do work well but you need to repeat the treatment so much that the price would equal the amount to just get them professionally done. And i believe know one does a better job than the professionals. Ask your dentist if there is a good cosmetic dentist close by. I hope...

Could anyone tell me any decorations i could put in my tropical tank?
YOUR QUESTION: could anyone tell me any decorations i could put in my tropical tank? OUR ANSWER: The very best decorations in your tropical fish tank will be your beautifully colorful fish. Next choice? Use natural, long-lasting, live plants in the aquarium. Some fish will eat from these...

I would like a dentists or dental assistants opinion?
Since she did take the child in, that is not going to show neglect. It did take you to get her to do it, but thats your word against would not hold up in court probably. The neglect is coming from the way the child is allowed to eat or drink too much sugar it would seem. Soda pop...

How hard is it to become a dentist?
It isn't easy. First off don't worry too much about your high school grades so long as they are high enough to get you in a good college. Your college gpa must remain high and depending on where you apply your college gpa needs to be in the 3.3-3.7 range (with your science GPA in the 3.7...

How to get an AMAZING smile?
Don't worry about it, your smile makes you, you!