Q: Why wouldn't a dentist be an ADA member?

A:Its because a dentist has to pay to be a ADA member which is around 500 dollars a month. It also comes with ADA insurance plans. One has to renew this every yea...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number to the Austin Parks dentist office in Ad...

A:Austin Parks Dental Center: 1202 E Main ...Read More »


Q: What are the numbers for the 2 nearest pediatric dentist certifie...

A:Ellen Bollmeier DMD LLCRead More »


Q: Where do you find a list of accredited dentists in tijuana Mexico...

A:Just go to www.ada.org, click on Find a Dentist, accept the disclaimer, and you will get to a page where you select the kind of Dentist, Choose All types of den...Read More »


Q: My dentist is not a member of ADA.?

A:Was this one single crown in the front? This is very hard to match only doing one tooth. What is it that you don't like about it? Shape, color? When the dentist...Read More »


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Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, MX?
Many of my friends and I have gone to Dr. Mustre in Nuevo Progresso. There are excellent dentists there, the place is very clean and the prices are reasonable. His offices are on the left hand side of the main road, about one-half block after the first intersection. Someone earlier recommended...

If Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was a real doctor, what kind of doctor would he be?
a crazy dentist like the one in little shop of horrors

Vet Tech questions, help..?
Make sure you look into a program that is AVMA accredited, otherwise you won't be able to sit for the VTNE (Veterinary Technician National Exam) and become a credentialed tech. Here's a link to the AVMA accredited programs by state: http://www.avma.org/education/cvea/vette... There are several...

Underbite help!?
You can have the expander again and the face mask to wear 14 hours a day( at night) and people won't even know you have it. You would probably have to pay for the treatment hough as you had it when you were younger. Hope this helps you! :)

I am an adult over 21 with medicaid in austin tx and i need emergency dental care. where do i go?
You can go any hospital ED or Urgent care. there are usually dentists on call in hospitals