Q: Where is Advanced Dentistry of Connecticut located?

A:2318 Main St, Stratford,, CTRead More »


Q: What is the number to advanced dentistry in muncie indiana?

A:Advanced Family Dentistry 3511 W Fox Ridge Ln Muncie, INRead More »


Q: What are the Recent advances in dentistry?

A:Some recent advances in dentistry include the conversion to digital x-rays. This has reduced the patient exposure to radiation and made production, storage, and...Read More »


Q: How advanced was dentistry in Roman times?

A:An article on Roman dentistry: http://www.rcpsg.ac.uk/hdrg/2006May8.htm 'The extent of dental decay seen in ancient people depended upon their diet and dental h...Read More »


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Searching for an experienced dentist in Cincinnati? At Advance Dentistry, your comfort is our top priority. Call for an appointment today! 513-272-9009! 5823 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227, United States (513) 272-9009
Dr. Valerie Cooper is a dentist with 3 years of advanced training in implant, esthetic, and re-constructive dentistry.
At Advance Dental, Dr. Stangebye and his dental team is dedicated to providing you and your family with quality dental care in a warm and friendly environment.
Advance Dentistry, Cincinnati, Ohio. 4021 likes · 10 talking about this · 709 were here. IV Sedation Dentistry. Your comfort is our top priority!
We offer complimentary exams and x-rays to all new patients because we want you to use your dental benefits on your treatment, not on your initial examination.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge materials in a modern and relaxed atmosphere, Advanced Dentistry ensures you receive the highest .
Welcome to Advanced Dentistry, Your Schaumburg Dentist.We Offer Anxiety Free Dentistry at your Schaumburg Dentist! Nitrous Oxide Safe, economical and .
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Any dentist or orthodontist care to answer a few questions?
Why don't you post the questions ? 1.what is the official title of your job? Director, Dental Department 2. how long have you been on this job? <3 years and was promoted to be the Director a year later. 3. how did you first get involved in this kind of work? I am the only dentist in my family. Dad was and brothers are physicians. I flunked the MCAT, but passed the DAT !.....So, there you go! ...but the goal was to do whatever I had to do with utmost sincerity. Then first got a job as a dentist and then gradually started to take on administrative responsibilities. 4.what are some of the major tasks that you do in your work? Manage the budget for the department, delegate responsibilities, set schedules and responsibilities for the staff, handle employee disputes, submit grant proposals, etc. 5. what other jobs have you had? how are they related, if at all, to the job you have now? practicing dentist, clinical instructor for students at dental school....this involved some administrative responsibilities 6.what training or education is required for this job? Have done certificate program in management, did master's in Bioethics...also work experience helps. 7. what do you like most about your job? Providing care to the patients. 8. how does your job affect what you do or dont do in your home and social life? Taking on administrative responsibilities has taken away some time from my family. Social life is fine....try to combine social engagements with family interaction. 9. how has technology influenced your career? Technology has facilitated the scheduling and budgeting aspect...record keeping also is easier with the software. 10. if you could do it all over again, would you still select this kind of work? why or why not? Yes, I would. Combining different aspects of duties establishes a good balance. Dentistry is a physically demanding profession. Full-time clinical practice, if continued for too many years can take its toll. On the other hand, too much administrative task can elevate your blood pressure ! So, always better to look for a perfect balance. 11.what gives you the most satisfaction in the work you are doing now? As I mentioned, providing care to the patients. I work at a health care center where people who are needy mostly get seen...that is another satisfaction that I get. 12. what future work or career goals do you have? what job or work do you hope to be involved with ten years from now? I want to get involved in the academic field. 13. what do you think are some important things that a person who is considering going into this kind of work should know about? It is very important to establish a balance between the ethical and business model of any practice. 14. are there any further comments or details you would like to add? Learning is a life-long process....therefore, attaining any "position" / title is not the end. I get to learn new skills (clinical and adminsitrative) everyday.

How do I say this in spanish?
Maria es la segunda doctora aqui Es el primer dentista en trabajar aqui. "Marcos es el primer gerente de su familia" is correct

If convenience food is so perilously hazardous to our health?
Oh dear, when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee? The government doesn't care about YOU!!! The government views you as cattle fodder. Because we are brainwashed and distracted form real issues. People care more about a football match or whats happened on Corrie. We are being dumbed...

Career in Dentistry?????????
A) Schools: *North Carolina University of North Carolina School of Dentistry www.dent.unc.edu *South Carolina Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine www.musc.edu/dentistry/ B) Of course it's a good career in this economy. It's stable & high money making. C) You do pre-dental...

In a dentist DHMO contract what is the provider compensation factor used for ? Thanks.?
This is what the fund will pay the dentist, ie not the full amount as you will have to pay out of pocket the balance