Q: What are the Recent advances in dentistry?

A:Some recent advances in dentistry include the conversion to digital x-rays. This has reduced the patient exposure to radiation and made production, storage, and...Read More »


Q: What are some of the advancement possibilities in dentistry?

A:Type your answer here. By getting new degrees.Read More »


Q: What is the number to Childrens hospital dentistry in Cincinnati ...

A:Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterRead More »


Q: What advances in dentistry can we expect over the next 2 decades?

A:more focus on preventive aspect than treatment aspect.Read More »


Q: What have been the biggest advances in dentistry in the last deca...

A:Boy there are a lot, but here are a few (some may be slightly older than a decade, but have began making an impact in the last 10 years): Laser Handpieces Digit...Read More »


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Is dentistry the best career choice for me?
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Is it the dentist's or my responsibility?
This is your responsibility. The insurance is yours and you have to let your dentist know when it changes. The dental office files it as a courtesy to you, but it is up to you to follow up and make sure it got paid. They claimed it on time with the insurance they had on file, it was just expired...

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Looking for Dr. Lon Latiolais in Austin Texas. Family Dentistry?
He is NOT in Austin sweetie. Latiolais Lon Dds 3007 Williams Suite A, Georgetown, TX 78628 (512) 869-2563

Any Equine Dentists..?
Floating teeth is part of any equine vet's job. And there may even be schools that teach this. In California, we don't have any schools, as far as I am aware, so, equine vets do all dentistry.... Most now use a machine made by Mikita. Believe it or not, the noise of that thing really doesn't...