Q: What are the Recent advances in dentistry?

A:Some recent advances in dentistry include the conversion to digital x-rays. This has reduced the patient exposure to radiation and made production, storage, and...Read More »


Q: What are some of the advancement possibilities in dentistry?

A:Type your answer here. By getting new degrees.Read More »


Q: What advances in dentistry can we expect over the next 2 decades?

A:more focus on preventive aspect than treatment aspect.Read More »


Q: What have been the biggest advances in dentistry in the last deca...

A:Boy there are a lot, but here are a few (some may be slightly older than a decade, but have began making an impact in the last 10 years): Laser Handpieces Digit...Read More »


Q: What is the number to advanced dentistry in muncie indiana?

A:Advanced Family Dentistry 3511 W Fox Ridge Ln Muncie, INRead More »


advanced dentistry of scarsdale

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Was my friend discriminated by the dentist?
Whoa! That doesn't sound like discrimination to me. Both my cousins and aunts are dentists and they have their faces in bad breath all day so dentist are accustomed to this. Based on what you are describing, sounds like the dentist did not do a good job with his physical exam of your friend's...

Want to become a doctor, Just graduated High School, need some advice on what the Pre-reqs are for Med school.
These three sites will tell you everything you need to know: http://prehealth.uchicago.edu/handbook/t... Amherst has an excellent "Health Professions" page on its web site with many links to information about what medical schools look for in applicants and how best to prepare for medical school...

What should I do if I have dental erosion and I cannot see a dentist?
Contact your local city or county health dept with your problem. Also you must stop drinking highly acidic foods like colas (sodas). That sharp taste you get is the acid they use.. After eating acidic foods like oranges you must immediately rinse your mouth. You can't wait.

Small Claims Court Worthy?
I would say probably not. Doctors don't ask for lab work unless they feel it's necessary. They don't always know if your insurance will cover it or not. Plus, you sign documents with your doctor's office that states whatever your insurance doesn't cover that you will cover it. I know I...

Dentist, General Dentist, Orthodontist?
Dentist = General Dentist Orthodontist is a specialisation in dentistry that relates to fixing people's occlusion (jaw relationships, teeth relationships, how teeth bite down and contact each other, etc.). The length of a dental and orthodontal degree varies between schools, countries, etc...