Q: What are the advancement opportunities for a dentist?

A:Advancement opportunities for a dentist can be specializing in a specific feild. You can specialize in: orthodontics, oral surgery, pedodontics, periodontics, p...Read More »


Q: What was the Frank family dentist called?

A:If you mean like the Anne Frank family, the dentist who went into hiding with them was called Fritz Pfeffer. Whether or not he was the family's actual practisin...Read More »


Q: How to Build an Advanced Family Tree for Free Online.

A:1. Find a website that allows you to draw a family tree online. My Heritage, Smart Draw and Geni are a few sites that allow you to do this (see links in Resourc...Read More »


Q: How Do I Help a Family Member With Advanced Breast Cancer?

A:1. Encourage conversation, or just sit with her. Fear can overwhelm a woman when she receives a cancer diagnosis. She may withdraw. Sometime conversation isn't ...Read More »


Q: Who is the dentist to the royal family?

A:You are probably right in mentioning tooth care for the Royal family. I don't really know the answer, but it brings to mind that indeed there are probably more ...Read More »


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A question about dentist and dentures?
Hi The dentist probably has a laboratory on site for this to be possible, as there are stages that need to be under taken, impressions, then a wax bite taken, then a tryin stage to see if you like the teeth, shade and general look of them, don't let them rush you, make sure you are happy,...

I have horrible teeth, fillings keep falling out, teeth breaking off, went to 3 dentists, too much money?
I do understand your problem .. I'm 53 without medical and dental insurance, middle class but unable to afford the rates they charge. three years ago my teeth started breaking....even the ones with crowns on, I have 13 teeth left, 7 of which have crowns. For a temporary solution till I could...

Are U. of Tennessee and U. of Kentucky any good for an out of state student?
UT has a really good dental program from what I hear. It is a very good school. Try UGA, but apply to UT for a backup. For that matter, apply to UK, too and then decide from there once you're accepted. I assume you mean UT Knoxville? There are 3 ....Knoxville, Chattanooga and the one in...

Does anybody knows a good dentist in Thousand Oaks?
Westlake Smile Design. Ask for Dr. Armon Eben. I used to have crooked teeth. I went to Dr. Eben’s Office and he recommended Invisalign. In only 12 months, I got the perfect smile I had always dreamt of. Visit: http://www.westlakesmiledesign.com/

Looking for a friendly dentist who is not greeedy for money-ny one there?
It's easy to do - I wish I'd learned this trick a long time ago. Try to find a dentist that caters to younger children, or a dentist that kids seem to really like. Most of the 'greedy' dentists you speak of don't like to waste their time comforting small children in a situation where an adult...