Q: What are the Recent advances in dentistry?

A:Some recent advances in dentistry include the conversion to digital x-rays. This has reduced the patient exposure to radiation and made production, storage, and...Read More »


Q: How advanced was dentistry in Roman times?

A:An article on Roman dentistry: http://www.rcpsg.ac.uk/hdrg/2006May8.htm 'The extent of dental decay seen in ancient people depended upon their diet and dental h...Read More »


Q: What are the latest technological advancements in dentistry?

A:laser's-They can be used for gum surgery, can numb teeth in some situations(water laser) so you do not have to use anesthesia. Materials that are used for crown...Read More »


Q: What is the address for Advanced Family Dentistry in Fishers, Ind...

A:Advanced Family Dentistry Inc: 9845, E 116thRead More »


Q: What have been the biggest advances in dentistry in the last deca...

A:Boy there are a lot, but here are a few (some may be slightly older than a decade, but have began making an impact in the last 10 years): Laser Handpieces Digit...Read More »


advances in dentistry

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Advances in dental care are making procedures faster, longer lasting, and easier on patients. Learn more from WebMD.
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The History of Dental Advances. Many of the most common dental tools were used as early as the Stone Age. Thankfully, technology and continuing education .
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