Q: Have really bad toothach sometimes my gums swell up with it wat t...

A:Answer 1. Well, eventually you're going to have to get this thing taken care of - pulled or drilled & filled. It can turn into something really nasty and affect...Read More »


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For general and family dentistry in the Las Vegas area, look no further than Advent Dental. For years, Dr. Hejazi and our team have served the dental health .
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Welcome to Advent Dental! Dr. Victor Ramirez has been trained as a doctor of dentistry from University of Illinois at Chicago. Graduated in 1999 and has years of .
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I need qualified Dental patients for CA Licensure Exam . I willing to have ALL DENTAL problems fixed for FREE?
I would love to be one of your board approved dental patients. I have been in dentistry for 25 yrs. I am an RDA, I am crossed trained in the front office as well as the back. Ihave been in the front office for the last 12-13 yrs. I go to the back when ever they need me to. It seems as though...

Is Running Start a good program for Dentistry?
One thing to consider: You're not "wasting two years of your life" by pursuing a traditional bachelor's degree. College is a time for exploration and growth, both on a personal level and an academic one. Unless you're dying or expecting the world to end, you don't need to be in a rush. You...

Dentist - Wisdom Tooth & paralyses?
First of all you will not get paralysis and you will be able to move your facial muscles. However in around 3% of the cases of lower wisdom tooth removal, there will be parasthesia, which is numbness of the lip or tongue. This almost always returns to normal but it does take a long time....

Question for all Dentist and Physician ???
As a general dentist myself I agree with the answers above, do not let money be the reason you go into a career. Dental school is A LOT of hard work and costs a lot of money, especially if you end up getting into a career for all the wrong reasons. I can speak for almost all of my fellow...

Can the infection from a tooth that has a had 2 root canals & an apicectomy spread to the surrounding teeth?
Dr J is absolutely correct in his analysis. In addition to the NICO, just the anesthetic they use to deaden the area for the tooth they are working on can cause the infection to spread to other adjacent teeth. The teeth infections can be insidious because there is low to no blood flow in...