Q: What's the difference between a aesthetic and reconstructive dent...

A:Reconstructive dentist usually works with complex cases, such as repairing the jaws and such after an automobile accident, or in the case that someone is deform...Read More »


Q: What would happen if you had a reaction to the aesthetic at the d...

A:It all depends on how severe your reaction is. If it's serious enough the dentist's office will call 911 and have you taken to a hospital. If you have a reaon t...Read More »


Q: When a future couple must visit the aesthetical dentist?

A:Intended to a future couple, an esthetical dentist should advice them, as they care about all the other details of marriage few months earlier, to visit in time...Read More »


Q: How do I know if my dentist is an aesthetic dentist?

A:It is virtually impossible to know unless you can see the results and criteria for yourself. Look at the credentials, educational background, and actual work pe...Read More »


Q: A Dentist That Deals With Aesthetics.

A:A dentist that focuses on cosmetic dentistry often deals with adults who are concerned about the appearance of their teeth. There are also some kids who are bro...Read More »


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Which electric toothbrush do dentists use?
The best evidence (Cochrane Collaboration - www.cochrane.org)) suggests that electric toothbrushes which have an oscillating motion do the best job. The sonic toothbrushes have not been supported by good evidence.

NHS Dentist trying to quote ?600 private for bridge? Surely they HAVE to do it on NHS if other treatment is?
The dentist is allowed to mix and match NHS and private together under the current contracts. Yes, the costing under the NHS is ?198 but no dentist can cover the time involved in the preparation, the study models and the laboratory fee to make the bridge and then the fitting of it for that...

If I get a job with janitorial services, do you think I could avoid dentist offices?
Are you talking about cleaning a dentists office? Sure, just like they tells us not to go into a room and clean because someone has got the flu. You will clean the room and like it.,clean that dentists office and like it.

Where can i find how much is usc's tuition?
TROJANS!!! Okay so here it is...I don't knwo if they have Fall 2008 out, yet. Here is Spring 2008- it should give you an idea. Subject to Change Without Notice Tuition (Semester) Regular Session 001 Undergraduate Students 12-18 units $17,606.00 Unit basis 1,185.00 Graduate Students 15-18 units...

Nitrous Oxide?
I think you mean Nitric Oxide (NO) rather than Nitrous Oxide (N20). Nitrous Oxide doesn't get produced by the body but could enter it if you take "laughing gas" as the dentist or in the operating room. Nitric Oxide controls blood vessel vasodilation - you can find the details in a biochem...