Q: What is the number for katz dentistry in los angeles, california?

A:Richard Katz DDS at 10289 West Pico Boulevard, Los A...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of any low cost dentistry, especially implant de...

A:The services you are seeking are not typically available for "low cost." Check into UCLA dental school, though.Read More »


Q: Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles, What Is It?

A:Cosmetic dentistry is the art of creating a beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, dental implants, restorative dentistry, teeth whitening, and bo...Read More »


Q: Aesthetically, is there a Los Angeles sensibility?

A:I think people mistakenly believe it has an aesthetic sensibility. It's usually described as a city of celebrity and wealth, which is how it's depicted on film ...Read More »


aesthetic dentistry los angeles

Los Angeles Dentist - Forouz Badri, DDS. Aesthetic Dental Institute of Brentwood. When you visit our Wilshire Blvd dental office, your smile is our top priority.
Cosmetic Dentistry in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Area.Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry has quickly become the premier destination for patients seeking .
52 Reviews of Esthetic Dentistry "the best ever!!! finally i don t hate going to the dentist hahah super friendly and gentle the office has the most advanced .
Esthetic Dentistry Dental Group Los Angeles Dentist Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Cosmetic Dentistry 3D Dentistry CEREC Galileos Cone Beam Sleep Apnea .
Cosmetic dentistry is a passion for Los Angeles dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman of Century City Aesthetic Dentistry near Beverly Hills. He is an award winning cosmetic.
Restorative Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. Aesthetic Restorations by Dr. Les Latner. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Latner believes that all dental work should look .
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In which states are forensic Dentists located the most?
forensic dentists analyze the teeth of the deceased at a crime scene if necessary so they will be where ever crimes are common so there are no real ways to tell the density of forensic dentists unless u take a census

Dental care?
Hello. I hope this information helps you out. There is a Dentist group in Atlanta that works well with this discount dental plan I know about. I can send you a brochure that explains more about the Dental plan, along with a short and easy application. Just send me your address and email...

She needed Dentistry? WTF?
I know its rediculous! imagine if that was ur mum or gran (DIE)

Unable to afford braces. What can the dentist do to help me with an affordable plan?
Many orthodontists will work out a payment plan as even with dental insurance the full cost is rarely even close to being covered. I know in my daughter's case we agreed to pay at least $100 a month on what was a total cost of around $3000. Some dental schools may offer orthodontia work at...

Does anyone know of a Dentist in Michigan who accepts Medicaid? (please don't suggest websites to 'search')?
Well, I AM going to send you to a Web site, but only because this one is a whole list of Michigan dentists who accept Medicaid. You just need to scroll down to find one that is convenient to where you live. (If you had mentioned your city in the question, I would have copied out the names...