Q: Who is a good dentist in San Francisco who's in the Aetna DMO net...

A:I don't know what you mean by the "Aetna DMO network" but I do know of a good San Francisco dentist if you want to check them out. I have no. idea if they are ...Read More »


Q: What dentist in orlando Fl accepts AETNA insurance?



Q: What is the phone number for a dentist that takes aetna in seymou...

A:Here is a link to the Aetna Insurance website.Read More »


Q: Can anybody guide about Aetna Dentist in Atlantis?

A:There are many aetna dentist who are providing there services in atlantis. i am also finding for aetna dentists in atlantis but no body guide me properly. few d...Read More »


Q: How can I find a negotiated rate with Aetna for my dentist?

A:No clues...sorry.Read More »


aetna dentist finder

Use DocFind, our provider directory, to find a dental, vision, or medical professional in.If you have an Aetna plan, logging in will give you customized results.
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Our Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)* dental benefits and insurance plan combines the advantages of coordinated care from a primary care dentist .
Dentists that take Aetna, See Reviews and Book Online Instantly. It s free! All appointment times are guaranteed by our dentists and doctors.
Find doctors, dentists, hospitals and other Aetna health care.Provider information contained in this directory is updated 6 days per week, .
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Plastic surgery for scars in CA?
The best way to select your plastic surgeon is to do your own research. Take your time. Interview at least two or three plastic surgeons, and see examples of their work. Look at their before and after pictures. Make sure you like the results of the doctor's work and that you feel you have a...

I need a good cosmetic dentist in Houston Texas any suggestions.?
This site has a list of them at http://www.mynewsmile.com/cosmetic_denti... It's a pretty neat site with explanations and photographs of cosmetic procedures, run by a retired cosmetic dentist, and I'm optimistic about his judgment of others' abilities. Good luck!

Has anybody had any sucess getting a SnoreGuard device for their sleep apnea, rcving full benefit frm insurnc?
The problem you face is SnoreGuard has been approved by the FDA as a "dental device." As long as it has that term applied to it, you are never going to find a dentist or oral surgeon who will call it a "medical device." Any dentist or oral surgeon worth their salt will never agree to bill...

Considering the costs of malpractice insurance, do dentists get paid more money than doctors?
Physicians have different costs of malpractice based on specialty, history, and even location, so there isn't a way to generalize this. Dentistry tends to have less risk, which tends to mean lower malpractice, but whether it's lower than a Dermatologist or Family Medicine doc, I don't know...

Anyone know of a "Pro-Bono Dentist" for someone with BAD teeth?
Holli, I am going through just about the same thing. I am on disability, and of course have medicaid. In my experience, it mainly depends on where you live. When I lived in Rochester, NY, I had great care because the U of R is a teaching hospital. They have a wonderful dental clinic, (Eastman)...