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With the economy in a recession, many families are now looking for low-income dental options. Unfortunately, finding affordable dentists is easier said than done .
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Road to becoming a Dentist?
I am actually in a dental hygiene program right now and going to be graduating in a month. There is alot much more to think about being a dentist than just the money part.. There is a guy in my class that is going on to be a dentist, you can apply while in dental hygiene school, he was on the...

Which historically black college and university is the oldest in the nation?
Oldest HBCUs (4-year public and private) 1837 Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (Cheyney, PA) 1854 Lincoln University of Pennsylvania (Lincoln University, PA) 1856 Wilberforce University (Wilberforce, OH) 1857 Harris-Stowe State College (St. Louis, MO) 1862 LeMoyne-Owen College (Memphis, TN)...

How much do doctors visits cost without insurance?
New England Doctor visit - $45 - 75 specialist 75 - 150 eye doctor 45 - 75 Dentist 45 - 75 for a cleaning Orthodontist - braces 1500 There are more people with insurance than without so cost to insured is much less.

What neighberhood in miami is the one with good schools and parents with money?
Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Miami Beach. There are other wealthy neighborhoods like Coconut Grove, South Miami, & Aventura, but the schools are problematic. If you are concerned about schools the only safe bet is private.

Mini implants to secure dentures?
I was also thinking about it. I just recently got uppers and I'm having a really hard time with them. I ask my dentist and he charges 3,800 for the upper. My husbands dentist quoted him a 5,700 for bother upper and lower. I have a friend that had them and said it was the only way to go....