Q: How to find affordable kid dentist insurance alternatives

A:Dental care figures high on the list of the most prominent health needs that people all over tend to neglect. And one of the key reasons associated with this ne...Read More »


Q: How to find affordable kid dentist insurance alternatives

A:A child's dental health is very important because they are fragilely prone to various dental health problems. Dental health is seldom taken seriously enough and...Read More »


Q: How to Find an Affordable Dentist When You Have No Insurance.

A:1. Go to a local dental school. Although you will receive care from a dental student in training, an experienced, qualified dentist will supervise the work. Loc...Read More »


Q: Are there any dentist with affordable payment plans for people wi...

A:I have found that as a whole, dentist do not like to allow payment plans. You could try Care Credit for a no interest loan. Or you could try a dental school, wh...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know ANY affordable dental insurance or affordable/re...

A:I would encourage you to visit this website. www.healthsavings.ourperfectcard.com I signed up with them online over 3 years ago for all my dentistry work withou...Read More »


affordable dentist insurance

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Any good dentist in Costa Rica?
Dr.Andres Furchgott is the one I have visited for about 20 years, his number is (506)2-224-7703 You can tell him that I made the recomendation. Lic.Gregory Kearney Lawson.

Why isn't a dentist covered under more health insurance plans?
God bless you. Wouldn't it be nice if more people could have coverage. The thing is, insurance companies are in BUSINESS and they want to make a PROFIT. They know exactly how much any given group is going to spend for their dental needs, so they construct a fee schedule for that group and...

Best schools for dentistry?.. and orthodontics?
dentistry.about.com/od/dentalcareers/Den... see the link above. Also google orthodontist career. For sure you have to go to college and then to dental school. Familiarize yourself with site below. They have a list of dental school. You will need to take the DAT exam. www.ada.org/prof/ed/testing/dat/...

Would a dentist pull this tooth?
The best way to restore a tooth is a crown. It takes an hour, you are numb. Fitted for a crown. Wait 2 weeks for the crown and then have a crown over the tooth. With this, you will at times feel hot/cold/sensitivity if eating something hard(tootsie pop). A removed tooth, will probably hurt...

What education I need to become a dentist in Sydney?
The website for the Sydney dental program is here: http://sydney.edu.au/dentistry/student/d... As for your existing education, the main things to consider are: * Your existing degree, if recognised in Australia, should be fine. The Usyd International Office can tell you if it is recognised...