Q: Does anyone know of an affordable dentist in San Diego?

A:http://www.shirleybakerdentists.com/Read More »


Q: How do I go about finding an affordable dentist in San Diego to f...

A:A bit more info about CareCredit based on being with someone who used it for some serious dental bills... It's like a credit card. If your dentist takes it, you...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of an affordable dentist in San Diego?

A:You can try to find the best dentist in your area at http://dentist.imagezu.com/ rather than searching all the different web sites for discount.Read More »


Q: Precisely How affordable Is A Outstanding San Diego Cosmetic Dent...

A:Preserving a polished look, nowadays, could be obtainable with the support of a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist. You actually may have a fashionable haircut matching...Read More »


Q: Who is the best dentist in San Diego?

A:I've been going to Dr. Keith Henderson for almost a decade, and I can't recommend him enough. First and foremost, he does fantastic work. He's a total tooth-gee...Read More »


affordable dentist san diego

Western Dental offers affordable dental care in San Diego, CA. 619-684-6190 to find a dentist near you.
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I need to go to the dentist.I don t have much money for it.Anyone know of a good dentist that is either affordable or has a good payment plan?
Local San Diego dentist, Dr. Bashar Ahmedo s best gentle care dental practice is local, affordable. Serving La Mesa and San Carlos areas. Call: 619-667-3330.
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