Q: Does anyone know of an affordable dentist in San Diego?

A:http://www.shirleybakerdentists.com/Read More »


Q: How do I go about finding an affordable dentist in San Diego to f...

A:A bit more info about CareCredit based on being with someone who used it for some serious dental bills... It's like a credit card. If your dentist takes it, you...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of an affordable dentist in San Diego?

A:You can try to find the best dentist in your area at http://dentist.imagezu.com/ rather than searching all the different web sites for discount.Read More »


Q: Precisely How affordable Is A Outstanding San Diego Cosmetic Dent...

A:Preserving a polished look, nowadays, could be obtainable with the support of a San Diego Cosmetic Dentist. You actually may have a fashionable haircut matching...Read More »


Q: Who is the best dentist in San Diego?

A:I've been going to Dr. Keith Henderson for almost a decade, and I can't recommend him enough. First and foremost, he does fantastic work. He's a total tooth-gee...Read More »


affordable dentist san diego

Western Dental offers affordable dental care in San Diego, CA. 619-684-6190 to find a dentist near you.
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I need to go to the dentist.I don t have much money for it.Anyone know of a good dentist that is either affordable or has a good payment plan?
Local San Diego dentist, Dr. Bashar Ahmedo s best gentle care dental practice is local, affordable. Serving La Mesa and San Carlos areas. Call: 619-667-3330.
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Im looking4a rhode island dentist that does wisdom teeth extractions @hospital Due 2my extremely poor credit I cant go2 a dentist's office?
I'd try patient services at the hospital, county welfare office and the phone book for a local dental school.

I want 2 be a pediatrician but i'm also considering dentistry, is dentistry as respectable as pediatrics?
I think both are very respectable. Why not be a pediatric dentist?You have to consider that when you are in the pediatric field that you have two patients, the patient and the parents. One or the other can be difficult but both can sometimes be horrible!

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How tough is it to get into Boston University? And their dental program?
Dentistry is not an undergraduate major. It is a four-year graduate program for which a four-year bachelor's degree is required for enrollment. Dental school is difficult for admission and includes very difficult work, but anyone who is admitted is expected to be able to graduate. Boston...

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