Q: What is the listing for Dent Us Dentists in Vancouver, WA?

A:Here you go: Dentus Dental Center 11100 Northeast CoxleyRead More »


Q: Recommend great dentist, doctor & orthodontist in vancouver wa?

A:Dr Andrews, Fujita, KhanRead More »


Q: Recommend great dentist, doctor & orthodontist in vancouver wa?

A:Dr Smith, or DR Andrews or DR KhanRead More »


Q: Are there Gentech Dentist - East Vancouver in Vancouver WA?

A:Yes. 605 SE 164th Ave #103, Vancouver, WARead More »


affordable dentist vancouver wa

Alfordable Dental are dentists in Vancouver, WA and surrounding areas. Practicing the art of dentistry since 1989,.dental care at affordable prices. Dr.
Your Friendly Cosmetic and Family Dentist for Vancouver and SW Washington Residents. smiling-woman-homepage Do you have a vision of your ideal smile?
Receive 10% OFF.Cash or Senior Discount.For Uninsured Patients. For uninsured patients (i.e. patients that do not have dental insurance coverage) .
Low-cost dental care providers. This is a list of.Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Program (ABCD).Free Clinic of SW Washington Dental, Vancouver.
For many years, Lacamas Dental has been the go-to clinic for individuals looking for affordable dentistry Vancouver WA services. We have Vancouver dentists .
Looking for affordable Dental Vancouver WA? We have the best dentists and advanced equipment, to help you smile better and have matchless dental health.
Affordable, Quality Dental Care for Your Entire Family! Call us today to schedule an appointment!.1201 SE Tech Center Drive, Ste 150. Vancouver, WA 98683.
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Small smiles dentistry???
personally i don't like them. my cousin went there and it was a bad experiance.as far as braces i don't believe they do them. they may be able to refer you to someone who does though

The Dentist turned my son away!!!!! :(My son is only 4) I have never been so mad. Need advise?
You and your son did nothing wrong. The experience sounds like a nightmare. Be glad it's over. Don't ever go back. You had that many problems at your first appointment. You could have expected further problems at the next ones with them. The receptionist sounds like a total idiot. She...

Difference between Navy Active Duty and Navy Reserve For Me?
Reserves isn't going to pay you enough to get out from under that debt. They only pay you about $300 a month. Im not sure what your loans are like but this day and age everyone's are pretty much astronomical. I went to college before enlisting active duty and I earned 2 bachelors degrees. You...

Mercury teeth fillings in healthy people?
Silver amalgam fillings are half mercury, so yes they are bad. The exposure is from breathing the mercury which becomes vapor at body temperature. The mercury deposits throughout the body. But I would not rush out to get your fillings replaced unless you can afford to do so. If you do start...

Should I leave my dentist for pushing fluoride on me?
Find a holistic or naturopathic dentist. Not all dentists push fluoride. Many are not aware that fluoride is even absorbed through the tissues of the mouth... a lot like sub-lingual Vitamin B-12. Fluoride promotion is mainly based on endorsements of one person or the other, rather than sound...