Q: What can experienced dentists afford?

A:You would probably have to learn BDS and then take some specialization course if there is any. There's no defined line what you can earn. It would mainly depend...Read More »


Q: Can dentists afford expensive cars?

A:What an odd question? Just about anyone can afford an expensive car if they (a) are willing to save up for it, and (b) are willing to sacrifice life's other exp...Read More »


Q: How to Find an Affordable Dentist.

A:1. Find out which dentists accept Medicaid and Medicare patients. Medicaid is a health care program, administered by the states, for low-income individuals and ...Read More »


Q: Which dentists offer affordable dental plans?

A:Dental work can be very costly if one does not have a good dental plan. The website Dental Plans allows one to find affordable dental plans as well as dentists ...Read More »


Q: How to Find an Affordable Dentist

A:Visiting a dentist can cost you huge amounts of money especially if you are not provided with a dental insurance by the employer and if you have never considere...Read More »


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Popular Q&A

I need charity dental work in Michigan?
Most states still do offer Emergency Dental under medicaid. I would see if you can get a screening through your regular medicaid clinic, and if you fit the requirements, they should be able to get you the care you need if it really is mandatory. Good luck! :)

How do you know which are the best dentists to go to in Budapest for implants?
I'm based in Budapest, but I have only ever needed check-ups here, so I can't gauge the quality of dental work. However, I have an American colleague who uses Profident (see link), who are above average price for Hungary, but way over average for quality of work, in her opinion. They are right...

How do I pick a dentist with Tricare dental and...?
https://employeedental.metlife.com/denta... On the side, there is a place for you to search for a dentist in your area.

Help from dentist!!! my broken tooth?
It sounds like he did a root canal (When you hit a tooth, it could damage the nerve) Then he bonded the tooth (A composite resin) It is changing color most because after time composite' does that (Could be from soda, coffee, smoking, anything that could stain your teeth) You could go and...

Who has the final say?
You have complete "say so" when it comes to dental procedures. Dentists, of course will suggest a coarse of action.... which will include x-rays and cleanings, possibly fluoride treatments, bleaching, and when necessary... drilling out cavities, root canals, and prep trimming for crowns (caps)...