Q: What is a safe, affordable neighborhood in or around Charlotte, N...

A:The neighborhood of Raeburn is a great place to live. It is about 30 minutes from uptown Charlotte. It has a pool, tennis courts, and an athletic field. The hou...Read More »


Q: Where to rent affordable clubhouse in charlotte nc?

A:http://www.eventective.com/USA/North+Car….Read More »


Q: Where can I take a PIT bull that I can't afford to take care of i...

A:The Humane Society of Charlotte willRead More »


Q: If I make 200000 what price home can I afford in Charlotte nc?

A:A general rule of thumb is to purchase a home that is a...Read More »


Q: Been Separated for more than 2 years. I cannot afford an attorney...

A:You can send it to his P.O. Box address, certified mail, return receipt requested. Or, you can have the sheriff serve it, especially if you have any information...Read More »


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Is it safe to get a cavity filled when pregnant?
Check with your Dr. first. I had one filled at 20 weeks with no ill effects. It's better to get your dental work taken care of then to let it turn into an abscess and risk infection. You also want to get your cleanings, as pregnancy makes you more prone to gum diseases. X rays are also...

Looking for info on Anson Burlingame Smith born 1886 died 10-20-54?
Here are some more records for you: 1910 United States Federal Census Fresno Ward 1, Fresno, California Address: 220 Belmont Ave.- House Owned Name Age Birthplace/Father's birthplace/Mother's birthplace - Occupation Anson B Smith 24 (married 5 yrs) CA/ME/ME - Dentist Bulah M Smith 22 (married...

Cosmetic dentistry loan?
Of course. Why not ?

Private dentists in England...many of us are suspicious of them as they just want our money so is there a web?
Depends where you live, I know some very nice dentists in Cardiff, my dad has been going to them for about 20 years now and not one has "used" us, Newcastle too, My Godparents are dentists there. Most people aren't suspicious of them either, but to answer your question I don't think there is...

False front tooth rough price?
Woe that sucks. I have one false tooth and its basically attached to two other teeth. I paid a $1,500 for that one tooth. I live in the States. Your prices are totally different than mine. I suggest you make an appointment with a dentist for this coming monday and he will tell you about all...