Q: What is a safe, affordable neighborhood in or around Charlotte, N...

A:The neighborhood of Raeburn is a great place to live. It is about 30 minutes from uptown Charlotte. It has a pool, tennis courts, and an athletic field. The hou...Read More »


Q: Where to rent affordable clubhouse in charlotte nc?

A:http://www.eventective.com/USA/North+Car….Read More »


Q: Where can I take a PIT bull that I can't afford to take care of i...

A:The Humane Society of Charlotte willRead More »


Q: If I make 200000 what price home can I afford in Charlotte nc?

A:A general rule of thumb is to purchase a home that is a...Read More »


Q: Been Separated for more than 2 years. I cannot afford an attorney...

A:You can send it to his P.O. Box address, certified mail, return receipt requested. Or, you can have the sheriff serve it, especially if you have any information...Read More »


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Popular Q&A

What is the mission statement of Loma Linda school of dentistry and how can I fulfill it as a student?
Their mission statement can be found on their website at: http://www.llu.edu/dentistry/mission.pag... You can fulfill it as a student by practicing their core values, which are also listed.

Which of the following designates a dentist educated to a higher level and capable of a higher level of practi?
DDS and DMD are the same degree-different schools give them out. No difference at all. This is what a dentist has. RDH is registered dental hygienist. they clean teeth. cda is certified dental assistant. they assist the dentist.

Dentist drilled a bit of my molars?
In order to make a crown tha twill last, you have to remove a certain amount of tooth in order to get a proper amount of thickness of metal/porcelain of the crown. Too thin and the crown will break. Sometimes, depending on the tooth and your bite, the dentist doesn't want to grind too much...

Do dentistry X-rays harm the brain?
No, don't worry. While we are exposed to radiation, it's only a tiny bit which doesn't cause any harm.