Q: Where can one find affordable dentistry?

A:Affordable dentistry can be found in many places depending where in the world you are located. If one lived in Illinois US then a good place to check out is Aff...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number for dr keenens dentistry in Tulsa ok

A:Dr. Allen C. Keenan, DDS 3808 East 51st Street Suite East, Tulsa, O... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: Where can I find affordable dentistry, ie;

A:i'm a dental student and you should consider going to the UT dental school in memphis. it probably isn't that far from you since you're from NE arkansas. i have...Read More »


Q: Affordable dentistry in Dallas, TX?

A:every wednesday between 9-10 ?? you can call baylor dentistry and get on there. you might go to theri website to be sure on time and also rates or you can try d...Read More »


Q: Where to Find Affordable, Safe Holistic Dentistry in Mexico

A:It is estimated that almost 1 million people in California use medical services across the border including dental. Often I get calls asking for information on ...Read More »


affordable dentistry tulsa

Schedule an appointment today with Affordable Dentures, a dentures dentist in Tulsa, OK for quality denture repair and partial dentures. Call us today!
We offer emergency dental care - on your schedule. From fillings or crowns and bridges to partial or complete dentures and root canals, we can offer same day . 6109 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115, United States (918) 832-9608
Perhaps they had a bad experience at the dentist years ago, or maybe they have a.when you walk into one of Shortline Dental s three Tulsa, OK offices, you can .believe you should never have to decide between affordability and quality.
Access dental services and care in Oklahoma. A large number.Tulsa, OK 74110.If you or your family need affordable medical or dental care, try this center.
DentistTulsas.us is a family friendly dentist in Tulsa Oklahoma. We offer expert dental care, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening,
Tulsa Affordable Dentist Smile Makeover Dr. Ryan Noah is an affordable Tulsa dentist who understands that you want your whole family to have beautiful and .
Find free dental care in Tulsa county Oklahoma. There are 12 free and low-cost clinics in in Tulsa county Oklahoma. Not all clinics are free so please call in .
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I need a dentist that will take badger care plus in madison,wisconsin?
Access Community Health Center on East Wash. (the old Dean building, across from Gardner's Bakery) has a dental clinic that accepts Badgercare/Medicaid patients. I recently called and got in very quickly (1-2 weeks)...I don't know if it was just luck or if they're just accepting new Badgercare...

How long does it take to join a new dentist?
I think it's actually pretty easy to get to a new dentist. Just make sure that they take your insurance (if you have insurance) and then call them. When you call, tell them you are a new patient and what you need to have done. They will let you know how much earlier to come to your appointment...

What are my chances of getting acepted into the University of Maryland school of dentistry ?
You have a good chance, as long as you do well on the DAT. Good luck!

Future Dentistry?
Technology is always evolving. Dental supply companies are always working on the next big thing to sell to dentists. I think that most of the advancement we will see in the next few years will have to do w/ things we already know. For instance, we know how cavities are formed, and we know how...

Am I "gifted"? (>.<) Are gifted people just good at boring subjects?
I dont think you are "gifted", its just that you are different and unique. I have to admit i do the same thing after watching movies (lol) but its more like action and drama movies. I think that you would be a good movie producer/director because you can imagine scenes and make them come alive...