Q: Where can one find affordable dentistry?

A:Affordable dentistry can be found in many places depending where in the world you are located. If one lived in Illinois US then a good place to check out is Aff...Read More »


Q: What is the phone number for dr keenens dentistry in Tulsa ok

A:Dr. Allen C. Keenan, DDS 3808 East 51st Street Suite East, Tulsa, O... ...MORE...Read More »


Q: Where can I find affordable dentistry, ie;

A:i'm a dental student and you should consider going to the UT dental school in memphis. it probably isn't that far from you since you're from NE arkansas. i have...Read More »


Q: Affordable dentistry in Dallas, TX?

A:every wednesday between 9-10 ?? you can call baylor dentistry and get on there. you might go to theri website to be sure on time and also rates or you can try d...Read More »


Q: Where to Find Affordable, Safe Holistic Dentistry in Mexico

A:It is estimated that almost 1 million people in California use medical services across the border including dental. Often I get calls asking for information on ...Read More »


affordable dentistry tulsa

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Find free dental care in Tulsa county Oklahoma. There are 12 free and low-cost clinics in in Tulsa county Oklahoma. Not all clinics are free so please call in .
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Bachelors of science?
You don't need a B.S. degree to apply to a School of Dentistry. You need a genuine Bachelor's degree, but it could be a B.S. or a B.A. or any other degree in any subject so long as you complete pre-dentistry requisite courses. You should take a Bachelor's degree in a field that offers good...

What are the admission requirements for Loma Linda University?
It sounds like it depends on what vocation you're prepping for. Generally, however, any career in the health science field requires the following: (All College Level) 1 Year Each (All 3 quarters)-- Chemistry Biology Physics Organic Chemistry Calculus English In addition, medical schools want...

How much does a dental assistant make per year?
As in all careers, pay for dental assistants varies based on experience and qualifications. As a general benchmark, these are the most recent salary figures for dental assistants: •50% of dental assistants earn roughly $33,470 per year. •The top 10% of dental assistants earn over $47,000 per...

What are the duties of a dentist?
A dentist must be versitile and friendly. It is a dentists job to make sure a patient gets the best care with least amount of pain possible. It is a dentists duty to provide a patient with a safe and comfortable environment. Have to have good communication skills. Have to be flexible and...

What opportunities for career expansion and promotions are there with being a Dentist?
No need for expansion or promotion- dentists make over $100 an hour. There isn't much room to expand once you have your own practice. And who needs more than $800 a day anyway?