Q: Where can one find affordable dentistry?

A:Affordable dentistry can be found in many places depending where in the world you are located. If one lived in Illinois US then a good place to check out is Aff...Read More »


Q: Where can I find affordable dentistry, ie;

A:i'm a dental student and you should consider going to the UT dental school in memphis. it probably isn't that far from you since you're from NE arkansas. i have...Read More »


Q: Affordable dentistry in Dallas, TX?

A:every wednesday between 9-10 ?? you can call baylor dentistry and get on there. you might go to theri website to be sure on time and also rates or you can try d...Read More »


Q: Local "affordable" guy is the quality maybe better? affordable de...

A:Dear Doug: I'm no expert on Medicaid in Florida, but it was my understanding that they do pay a very small amount for dentures for the indigent. I certainly c...Read More »


Q: Where to Find Affordable, Safe Holistic Dentistry in Mexico

A:It is estimated that almost 1 million people in California use medical services across the border including dental. Often I get calls asking for information on ...Read More »


affordable dentistry

Affordable Dentistry For Today s Family. Family and Cosmetic Dentistry- Accepting Most Insurance Plans- Many Payment Options Available- Convenient .
Affordable dentist in van nuys, sherman oaks, encino and north hollywood.
With the economy in a recession, many families are now looking for low-income dental options. Unfortunately, finding affordable dentists is easier said than done .
This was "service plus" and I d unreservedly recommend affordable dental to anyone who s discontent with their existing dentist if he or she is complacent, not .
Affordable Dentures: Specializing in dental implants, tooth extraction, partial dentures, Denture Costs, mini dental implants, dentures, dental implant costs, . Location Search - Fees & Payment Methods - Full & Partial Dentures - About Us
Look-up pricing and offers for Aspen Dental procedures and products for an office location near you.
Affordable Dental of Illinois- 195 S. Main Street- Dupo, IL 62239- Phone: (618) 286-4400- Fax: (618) 286-4407- Toll Free (800) 838-0712- Pager (618) 207-5593 .
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Info on usc dentistry school free clinic?
Dental school clinics are not free. They are at a reduced cost.

Any dentist or orthodontist care to answer a few questions?
Why don't you post the questions ? 1.what is the official title of your job? Director, Dental Department 2. how long have you been on this job? <3 years and was promoted to be the Director a year later. 3. how did you first get involved in this kind of work? I am the only dentist in my family. Dad was and brothers are physicians. I flunked the MCAT, but passed the DAT !.....So, there you go! ...but the goal was to do whatever I had to do with utmost sincerity. Then first got a job as a dentist and then gradually started to take on administrative responsibilities. 4.what are some of the major tasks that you do in your work? Manage the budget for the department, delegate responsibilities, set schedules and responsibilities for the staff, handle employee disputes, submit grant proposals, etc. 5. what other jobs have you had? how are they related, if at all, to the job you have now? practicing dentist, clinical instructor for students at dental school....this involved some administrative responsibilities 6.what training or education is required for this job? Have done certificate program in management, did master's in Bioethics...also work experience helps. 7. what do you like most about your job? Providing care to the patients. 8. how does your job affect what you do or dont do in your home and social life? Taking on administrative responsibilities has taken away some time from my family. Social life is fine....try to combine social engagements with family interaction. 9. how has technology influenced your career? Technology has facilitated the scheduling and budgeting aspect...record keeping also is easier with the software. 10. if you could do it all over again, would you still select this kind of work? why or why not? Yes, I would. Combining different aspects of duties establishes a good balance. Dentistry is a physically demanding profession. Full-time clinical practice, if continued for too many years can take its toll. On the other hand, too much administrative task can elevate your blood pressure ! So, always better to look for a perfect balance. 11.what gives you the most satisfaction in the work you are doing now? As I mentioned, providing care to the patients. I work at a health care center where people who are needy mostly get seen...that is another satisfaction that I get. 12. what future work or career goals do you have? what job or work do you hope to be involved with ten years from now? I want to get involved in the academic field. 13. what do you think are some important things that a person who is considering going into this kind of work should know about? It is very important to establish a balance between the ethical and business model of any practice. 14. are there any further comments or details you would like to add? Learning is a life-long process....therefore, attaining any "position" / title is not the end. I get to learn new skills (clinical and adminsitrative) everyday.

What is the medical definition of fisher?
Do you mean fissure? Fissure (Latin fissura, Plural fissurae) is a groove, natural division, deep furrow, or cleft found in the brain, spinal cord, and liver- or a tear in the anus (anal fissure). In dentistry, a fissure is a break in the tooth enamel. In geology, fissures are cracks in rocks...

My parents are ruining my life, They don't believe in me?
I was in your place when i was your age. My parents said I could only be a doctor or lawyer. They are very very wealthy and said that they would be all my college and everything plus a car.....if i went to college and became a doc or law. So I ran away.....well it doesnt count as running away...

What's the difference between medical schools and school of medicine?
They're basically the same. "Medical school" is the generic term for them, and "the XYZ School of Medicine" (or some such) is probably the name of a specific school. You can study to be a surgeon there, or any number of other medical specialties practiced by M.D.'s. You mention Washington--the...