Q: Afraid of The Dentist?

A:You do not need to be afraid of the dentist, provided he is an expert. All you need to do is to have confidence in him, so that you be get cured readily. You ca...Read More »


Q: Afraid of the Dentist?

A:No, I'm not afraid. I learned to sit down, open mouth and fall asleep when I was a child. I still do it now. When they want me to help it's hard to get me to fo...Read More »


Q: Afraid of The Dentist?

A:Being put to sleep is referred to as general anaesthesia. Make it a point to get a calm and thoughtful dentist who has the ability to calm your mind, whether or...Read More »


Q: Why are people afraid of the dentist?

A:People are afraid of the dentist because of stories about what happened in the olden days when dentists used to just pull teeth out and not use drugs to stop th...Read More »


Q: What is it called to be afraid of a dentist?

A:Dental fear refers to the fear of dentistry and of receiving dentalRead More »


afraid of the dentist

Dental fear (also called dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, dentist phobia, and dental anxiety) is the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care.
Basically, I am very scared of the dentist and have been as long as I can remember. It s now been a long time since my last dental visit and I now have several .
Being afraid of the dentist may mean different things to different people. It will probably help if you work out just what it is that worries you most. Maybe the .
If you are too scared to see a dentist because you are afraid of being admonished over your teeth or oral hygiene, this page explains what dentists really think.
Understand that your fears are normal. The fear of dentists is very common. Let s face it -- going to the dentist is not fun- dentists do poke and prod a sensitive .
Millions of people fail to get necessary dental care because they re afraid to go to the dentist. Here are some tips to help you overcome your fear of the dental .
Being afraid of the dentist means different things to different people. Maybe it s the thought that treatment will hurt, or that the sounds and smells bring back .
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This question is difficult to answer because it is unknown as to what exactly is causing your snoring. I would go with the ENT first so a sleep study can be performed. Most dentists will only perform procedures to fix anatomical problems after a diagnosis is made by a medical doctor.

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I want to say that I am not a dentist. But I went through the same thing with my son when he was 9. He was so scared to go to the dentist when he was young, we didn't want to force him. He would freak out just sitting in the chair. When I finally got him to cooperate he had 14 teeth that...

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I would look online and see if there is a university close by that has a dental school. They are usually the only "cheap" places to get dental work done. You may have about 5 or 6 dental students standing around watching, but if money's your main concern the that's probably your best bet. Good...