Q: Who was the first african american dentist?

A:Robert T. Freeman as the first blackRead More »


Q: I am searching for an gentle african american dentist?

A:Contact your local dental society. They actually have a book listing all members with their photos. This is usually sent out to it's members, but you may be abl...Read More »


Q: Does anyone know of any African American Dentist that are practic...

A:I wasn't aware that African Americans have teeth that are any different than anyone elsesRead More »


Q: African American Physicians and Dentists?

A:No, but you could try contacting your local branch of the NAACP - they might be able to help you get started. Ignore the hater dear, and I hope you find the inf...Read More »


Q: Looking for African American Pediatrician and Dentist

A:Hi A., I love my daughters' pediatrician, she is great and is African American. My daughter is now 10 years old and I started seeing this pediatrician a few wee...Read More »


africanamerican dentist

For a wonderful dentist who happens to be an African American woman, check out Dr. Madelyn Ballard in Berkeley. Anon .
Author Clifton O. Dummett, DDS, provides an abbreviated overview of African American dentists, past and present.
This site also has a dentist finder. http://www.ndaonline.org/.nurses to investigate, define and determine what the health care needs of African Americans are.
Dr Noble mentored Freeman and encouraged him to attend dental school to become a dentist. There were other African-American dentist at .
Thirty-one percent of African American dentists come from Howard and Meharry. Black dentists treat 61.8 percent of Black patients, White .
As a working dentist the first job was practicing with her father in private practice .In 1997, she lectured on operative dentistry at the African American Summit in .
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