Q: What is the video David After Dentist.

A:Visit this link for the popular video David After Dentist:Read More »


Q: What does BDS stand for after dentist name?

A:bachelor dental surgery. is the abbreation for bds.Read More »


Q: What is the drug that makes people weird after dentist?

A:Each one uses the sedative he prefers. You would have to ask the specific dentist which one he prefers to use. The one david after dentist on is laughing gas. S...Read More »


Q: Why do YOU love "David After Dentist"

A:Because at one pint he just screams really loud then sits back down. pretty effing funny if you ask me. HAHAHA.Read More »


Q: Why shouldn't you have alcohol after dentist?

A:Don't intake alcohol after dental treatment because mixing alcohol with an ingredient in some pain relievers, can cause damage to liver.Read More »


after dentist

Hard to believe we are still going after all these years.and have enjoyed hearing all the stories, parodies and even your own "After The Dentist" experiences.
Dentist shows resilience after being attacked with crowbar during.looking to identify these two men captured at the back of a Hamilton dentist.
This is the official David After Dentist Channel.This was taken in the parking lot of the dentist office. He was so out of it. The staff was even laughing.
David After Dentist is an Internet phenomenon which started when David DeVore Jr. s father posted a video on the Internet of his reaction to anesthesia after he .
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