Q: What are some good after hours spots in Atlanta Metro Area?

A:I just wanted to know where are the after hours spots at in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? On my next visit down there I was looking to party until 5 or 6 in...Read More »


Q: Why can't you eat or drink for a half hour after the flouride stu...

A:It will lessen the effectiveness o...Read More »


Q: How much would it cost to grab a taxi after hours from downtown A...

A:For Atlanta Chec...Read More »


Q: Where to have great dessert and coffee after hours in Atlanta.

A:Majestic Diner on Ponce (24 hrs) Broadway Diner on Peachtree (open 24 hours Thur - Sun) Buckhead Diner on Piedmont Rd (open til midnight 6 days a week) Landmark...Read More »


Q: Why do the dentist tell us not to eat 1 hour after getting braces...

A:I've honestly never heard of an orthodontist telling a patient not to eat after having braces tightened. My assumption as to why your orthodontist would say thi...Read More »


after hours dentist atlanta

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As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is home to over 5 million people, making it the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Economically speaking .
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Can I get knockout gas for the dentist, If i have Mass health Insurance?
Look into sleep dentistry. They give you an IV with fentanal that puts you into a deep sleep. You wake up after the surgery, totally stoned, feeling crazy, and you don't remember a thing. I did this and I loved it. I also made sure before I went under that the doc wrote me a rx for percoset...

Samuel A. Wealcatch, D.D.S., P.A.- Dentist What do you think?
Do you have no patience???? While I agree that 20 minutes does seem a little long, if this is only your first time at this dentist, how do you know this is the norm? Maybe they had an emergency patient come in sometime before you, maybe someone was sick......it is common place to have to...

Should I become an accountant or dentist?
I think accountant would only really pay off after a few years (kissing people's asses for years is a NONO for me 2) lol. Right off dental school I saw that you can make 6 figures easily. At least were I'm from since it really depends on we're your from here in Des Moines, IA a general dentist...

How does the life of indigenous people differ from ours?
It is very difficult to find indigenous people living unpolluted by westernization. One of the best books I read was a book by the dentist and anthropologist Weston A Price called 'Nutrition & Physical Degeneration'. Dr Price looked at the impact of the changing diet of native people to one...

Never seen a dentist?
This could be something the general dentist can do. The removal of your root tips I'm guessing from your explanation. However some caseS are handed over to most frequently a periodontist(with extraction and implant capabilities and specialities) or oral surgeon. It depends on your tooth and...