Q: What are some good after hours spots in Atlanta Metro Area?

A:I just wanted to know where are the after hours spots at in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? On my next visit down there I was looking to party until 5 or 6 in...Read More »


Q: Why can't you eat or drink for a half hour after the flouride stu...

A:It will lessen the effectiveness o...Read More »


Q: How much would it cost to grab a taxi after hours from downtown A...

A:For Atlanta Chec...Read More »


Q: Where to have great dessert and coffee after hours in Atlanta.

A:Majestic Diner on Ponce (24 hrs) Broadway Diner on Peachtree (open 24 hours Thur - Sun) Buckhead Diner on Piedmont Rd (open til midnight 6 days a week) Landmark...Read More »


Q: Why do the dentist tell us not to eat 1 hour after getting braces...

A:I've honestly never heard of an orthodontist telling a patient not to eat after having braces tightened. My assumption as to why your orthodontist would say thi...Read More »


after hours dentist atlanta

Emergency Atlanta Dentist, Family Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Open Evenings and Saturdays in Norcross, Sandy Springs, Lithonia, Smyrna, Duluth, Jonesboro, .
Finding emergency dental services is the first thing on the mind of anyone who has broken a tooth, knocked out a tooth, lost a crown or an orthodontic bracket, .
Visit our website to get office hours, insurance information, and directions to our Tucker Office. A Atlanta Emergency Dental is a dental office located in Tucker, .
As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is home to over 5 million people, making it the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Economically speaking .
Walk In Atlanta Emergency Dentists Open Weekend Saturday Hours offices dental services dentist emergencies walk in Georgia.
Another serious sign of needing an emergency dentist Atlanta GA is facial swelling. If it occurs in the mouth, it can be a sign infection, trauma, or even cancer or a .
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Insecure Mother: Does anyone know where I can get free dentist work done or be used as a model.?
Ask you dentist if there are any non-profit organizations that purpose. Call up a couple offices and find out. GA is a pro-active state for . I live in SC and we have VIM (volunteers in medicine) its a group of retired doctors working to help the low income families. Unfortunately you are...

Nhs dentists aberdeen?
none for new patients

What are some good or great things about Norway?
I'm originally from the US but have Swedish citizenship which allows me to live in Norway, so I can probably give you a decent comparison. Oslo and the surrounding area is actually the most unattractive part of Norway I've been to. The west coast has spectacular scenery due to the mountains...

How much do full dental veneers cost?
Oh man. If you're that concerned about your teeth, get it done right, through your insurance company at a good dentist. Not saying your uncle is bad. I think it would be cheaper here. Veneers might crack and break over time. You probably won't be able to bite into food with them - like apples...

Poll: Does your dentist's office have themed rooms?
my dentist just has plain white rooms :/ BQ- a fun fact well it was a house that got turned into a dentist and just an average house as well