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We offer a full-service, state-of-the art dental practice. In addition to general family dentistry, we offer the latest technologies in preventive, restorative and .
Phoenix Cosmetic Dentists Beth Hamann & Brent Call are both from the Phoenix area. Meet the rest of our expert staff, and call today to schedule a visit.
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4 Reviews of Agave Dentistry "This was the best dental experience of my life! I had a wisdom tooth that needed to be extracted and I was in a lot of pain.
Agave Dentistry, a Medical Group Practice located in Casa Grande, Arizona, (AZ)
Call Agave Dental Today to meet your new dentist in Phoenix, AZ. Our dental office specializes in cosmetic, sedation and pain free dentistry.
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Teeth whitening?
Tooth whitening whether done at home or by a dentist uses either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in various concentrations. The advantage of a dentist making bleaching mouthguards is that a high concentration of the whitening product can be held against the tooth without it being washed...

Where is there a good dentist school in california?
Check out the American Dental Association website ( for a list of all the schools in the country. Here is a list of California Schools. (Note: this is for the undergraduate DDS or DMD degree. You will need to complete (and do well in) one of those programs first prior to applying...

Back molar craze line (Dentists please help)?
No dentist can answer your question here. You need to ask him next week what he meant by the description of your tooth defect, and what can or should be done about it. When any person tells you something you don't understand, please don't nod your head and accept it. Ask questions.

Anyone know of a great dentist in Tampa, FL?
Went to Julio Maya, DMD for years when I lived there. Very skilled, personable dentist. Would go back to him, he was excellent IMHO. His office is in Temple Terrace near USF area.

Alright... I REALLY need to know...?
Do your own research. Your step dad is correct - he's actually thinking about the vet. Your horse needs emergency vet funds set aside (at least 2000) as well as fees for the farrier, dentist and the saddler and physio if needed. You may have those things, but will it fit your new horse? No...