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A:For residents of Ahwatukee, dentist services aren't as available compared to its neighboring towns. The L-shaped neighborhood is geographically isolated from ev...Read More »


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Ahwatukee Dentistry.Family & Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. Tam T. Le, DMD. We provide a wide variety of dental procedures that we would like you to learn .
Today s Dental is your Ahwatukee, Phoenix, and Chandler, AZ (Arizona) dentist, providing quality dental care for children, teens, and adults. Call today.
Atrium Dental is your Ahwatukee Dentist, providing family dentistry, children dentistry, and sedation Dentistry call us today for your dentist Phoenix.
We are a mercury-free, family-centered dental practice in Ahwatukee, Arizona deeply devoted to preventive dentistry, as well as preserving, restoring, .
Top Dentists in Ahwatukee, AZ Dental by Design, Today s Dental, Sonoran Hills Dental, Imagine Dental, Desert Dentistry, Foothills Smiles Dentistry and .
Phoenix, AZ dental office Mountainside provides family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental.Ahwatukee s General, Implant, Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentists.
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Does anyone know what dentists have good review in my area?
How about going to the Oregon Health and Science University's School of Dentistry right there in Portland? Dental schools are a great place to get dental care, and the fees are very reasonable as well (usually 1/2 that of a private dentist). The only downside is that it takes time-- 3 hours...

Why did my scrotum get hard and thick all of a sudden?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Yes you will have hard balls for the rest of your life!!! Just messing. What a question to ask. It won't stay like that probably just a reaction to a substance perhaps alcohol in the cologne. Well needless to say you will opt for bathing and not do that again the next...

Do you think chiropractic really helps?
You do not need to do it for the rest of your life. Many mistake that term as every day or every week or every month. NO its when you feel pain that makes you feel as if you can't do anything as simple as standing up or sitting down. Which usually results anything from a visit to a DC every...

Boston University Question?
Most universities don't offer "pre-dentistry" as a specific major, because you don't need to major in anything specific in order to go to dental school. Usually, "pre-health", be it pre-med, pre-dental, etc. is a system of advisement more than it is a major. You can major in whatever you'd...