Q: What Are the Advantages of Air Abrasion?

A:Compared with the traditional drilling method, the advantages of air abrasion are many and include the following: Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressur...Read More »


Q: How Does Air Abrasion Work?

A:During air abrasion, an instrument that works like a mini sandblaster is used to spray away decay. During air abrasion, a fine stream of particles is aimed at t...Read More »


Q: Who Are the Best Candidates for Air Abrasion Procedures?

A:Air abrasion is ideal for use in children and others who are fearful and have minimal decay.Read More »


Q: What are the advantages to take the Air Abrasion Treatment?

A:Only your dentist can determine the right method for treating your teeth. If he or she elects to use air abrasion, you may notice that, unlike drills, air abras...Read More »


Q: What is Air Abrasion which treatment is given to the patient ?

A:Air abrasion is a method for removing tooth decay with tiny particles of aluminum oxide or silica - imagine a miniature sandblaster gently wearing away the deca...Read More »


air abrasion dentistry

Learn about air abrasion, a technique some dentists use to remove tooth decay without a drill.
Two devices have me confused. Some of my dentist friends are enthused about cutting tooth structure with aluminum oxide expelled from an air-abrasion unit.
Does the dental drill cause you dental anxiety? Don t let your dental cavities go without treatment. Air abrasion can remove cavities without using a drill.
Air abrasion is a new micro-dentistry technique that is used to treat tooth decay and prepare teeth for restorations. Traditionally, dentists used noisy dental drills .
Air abrasion dentistry has evolved over a period of time from a new concept of an alternative means of cavity preparation to an essential means of providing a .
Air abrasion is a way to remove decay from a tooth without using a dental drill. It works like a sandblaster removing graffiti from walls. The air abrasion hand .
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