Q: Air force dentist?

A:The Air Force brings Dentists in in the Biomedical Science Corps. The AF may be offering scholarships to dental college in return for x number of years Service ...Read More »


Q: How much does an air force dentist make?

A:Well you would be made an O-3 to start out with. As by the link. ( See Below ) says, that's anywhere from 45 thousand to 70 thousand. However, a dentist will be...Read More »


Q: How to Become a Dentist in the Air Force.

A:1.Read More »


Q: Where do army and air force go to dentist?

A:oh gee, maybe like to the dentist? you sure have hard questions! they have military dentists!Read More »


Q: What Is the Air Force OSI?

A:Former Air Force Secretary W. Stuart Symington founded the Air Force Office of Special Investigations on Aug. 1, 1948. AFOSI follows the structure of the FBI. S...Read More »


air force dentist

As an Air Force Dentist, your days will be patient-focused, meaning you won t have to worry about overhead, managing a business or wrangling with insurance .
If something s missing from your career as a dentist, consider the U.S. Air Force an environment of discovery, learning and career advancement.
An Air Force Dental Officer is responsible for providing dental services to maintain the oral health of Air Force personnel so that they are able to effectively .
To fill this need, we have a two-year program to advance the skills and careers of general dentists who join the Air Force. Our comprehensive general dentists, .
Once your dental school education is complete, you will be promoted to Captain and serve as an Air Force dentist for the same amount of years that the .
Goodfellow AFB, TX - Clinical dentist and Assistant Director of Dental.What would a typical work day be like as an Air Force dentist during .
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