Q: What is the number to dr friday in homewood alabama (dentist)?

A:Did you mean: Friday Kenneth O Dr 1905 Oxmoor Rd Birmin...Read More »


Q: What is the average salary for a dentist in alabama?

A:It varies depending upon the area, but it can range fromRead More »


Q: How much does a dentist make in Alabama?

A:around 7 million.Read More »


Q: How to find a good dentist in mobile alabama?

A:By word of mouth. I like that.Read More »


Q: How find a dentist on sutarday in north alabama?

A:none that i know of (im in north alabama also)Read More »


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Our comprehensive cosmetic, restorative, and preventive care includes NiteWhite whitening program, the most beautiful and realistic porcelain veneers as well .
Welcome to our pediatric dental and orthodontics office. We are proud to serve our pediatric dental and orthodontic patients throughout the Tennessee Valley!
Mobile Dental Implants.Call (251) 343-1521 Springhill Dental Health for the best cosmetic dental care in South Alabama. We perform complete smile .
Need family dentistry services near Birmingham? Visit one of our dentists at Alabama Family Dentistry in Vestavia Hills on Acton Road near Hoover or in . Warrior Family Dentistry - Acton Road Family Dentistry - Tooth Extraction - Dentures
Association of 1600 dentists in Alabama promoting dental health and continuing education.
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Do you believe that hypnosis can help and heal? (please read on for details and answer accordingly) THANK YOU!?
Hypnosis is extremely powerful. Oh yeah, it works. I was so impressed with it the first few times my doctor used it on me that I went and took a course to be certified in it. (I only use it for myself.) I've had dentists who didn't know me assume on I was on some kind of pain-killers because...

Where in PA can you file against a dentist for below standard of practice?
Put yourself in the dentist's shoes. Would you treat anyone who threatened to sue you??!! C'mon, get real. Dental offices process enough insurance claims to know what is and is not covered and they know more than you and know the tricks insurance carriers play. Even if nitrous was covered and...

Dentistry in Quebec City...?
You should call around to local dentists and compare prices, most places will give you an estimate of cost.

Dentist recommendations for Lawton, OK
See a prosthodontist for best cosmetic work.

Dental insurance?
You have five options with dental. 1. Go without insurance. If you have good teeth and just want the basics you probably don't need any plan. A yearly cleaning and exam and even an occasional filling will cost you less without insurance. 2. Visit a local dental school. You can get many procedures...