Q: What's a name that goes with Alex?

A:Alex Matthew. Alex James. Alex Peyton. Alex Riley. Caitlin Savannah. Caitlin Stephanie. Caitlin Nicole. Caitlin Faith. Caitlin Skye. Source(s) good luck.Read More »


Q: What goes on at a dentist appt?

A:Don't worry!! People judge people by first appearances, so teeth are very inportant. So remember all the time so that will be more inportant. The dentist, will ...Read More »


Q: What is the icarly episode name when sam goes to dentist?

A:Its called I think they kissed.Read More »


Q: What is the storyline of Wilson Goes to the Dentist ?

A:Add Full Plot | Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Dennis The Menace | Neighbor | Small Town Life | Rhyme In Title | Based On Comic Strip | See more » Genres: Comedy ...Read More »


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Smiley piercing and the dentist?
The dentist probably won't know that you have it pierced if you take it out before you go but they will wonder about how your front teeth have scratches from the metal bar so either tell your dentist you have it done or come up with a really good lie hahaha I have my tongue pierced and my dentist...

I need to get my wisdom teeth out and was hoping some one can help tell me a good place to go to?
Call a few dentists in the Yellow pages. They are online too. Very few will take a new patient sorry. Expect a medical or a good health assessment before anything can be done.

The peace corps? anybody ever done it? or know about it?
There were calls to have a government agency to "wage peace" as early as World War I. President Kennedy was the first to put the idea into law, but it wasn't original with him. Although the site says you have to be 18, in reality you have to have a skill a host country has asked for, and they...

Is there a dentist in my area that accepts HealthEase/Medicaid?
seriously - the best way to find a dentist that takes your insurance is to call the local dentists in your area and ask the recptionist. if they do not take it- she might know someone who does.

Which do professions do you recommend is more enjoyable and fun becoming a anesthesiologist or a dentist?
Dentists must build clientele- hire, pay, match soc. security with holdings, insure against liability, Workman's comp. and unemployment all employees (qualified assts. as well as accountants, tax specialists and lawyers). Some have the luxury of having a group (family maybe) to join. Most...