Q: What's a name that goes with Alex?

A:Alex Matthew. Alex James. Alex Peyton. Alex Riley. Caitlin Savannah. Caitlin Stephanie. Caitlin Nicole. Caitlin Faith. Caitlin Skye. Source(s) good luck.Read More »


Q: What goes on at a dentist appt?

A:Don't worry!! People judge people by first appearances, so teeth are very inportant. So remember all the time so that will be more inportant. The dentist, will ...Read More »


Q: What is the icarly episode name when sam goes to dentist?

A:Its called I think they kissed.Read More »


Q: What is the storyline of Wilson Goes to the Dentist ?

A:Add Full Plot | Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Dennis The Menace | Neighbor | Small Town Life | Rhyme In Title | Based On Comic Strip | See more » Genres: Comedy ...Read More »


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Is there a dentist that will take monthly payments?
Call the public health department and ask about free or low cost dental clinics. Also some dentists have the sort of payment plans (usually pamphlets in the waiting room) where you apply for a credit line and the bank approves you with no interest if you pay it off on time as per the contract...

Good Dentists for braces in Brampton, Canada?
YellowPages.ca(TM) ... Braces for Children and Adults Evening Appointments and Invisible Braces Available ... 5A Conestoga Drive, Brampton, ON L6Z 4N5. Category : Dentists ... http://www.yellowpages.ca/mp/ON/ALTON/00... -

When did you last visit the dentist?
I visit my dentist and my dental hygienist every 6 months - I call a "necessary evil" - because prevention is always better than repair. When a person waits too long between visits it is possible to be faced with some very unnecessary and terribly expensive dental work but with regular visits...

How do dentists treat little kids such as 3 year olds when filling up their cavities?
Seriously why is a dentist filling the cavities that a three year old has? Generally they don't because they are baby teeth and will fall out on their own. Usually they only mess with them if there is an issue like pain, swelling, or an infection. It sounds like everyone in your house could...

Can I get the tools used at the dentist office for at home cleaning?
Like the other answer said, you could get these scalers at a flea market, but I wouldn't recommend that you do your own cleaning. For one thing, without x-rays and the proper training, you can't be sure that you are getting off all the calculus under your gums and down onto the root structure...