Q: What's a name that goes with Alex?

A:Alex Matthew. Alex James. Alex Peyton. Alex Riley. Caitlin Savannah. Caitlin Stephanie. Caitlin Nicole. Caitlin Faith. Caitlin Skye. Source(s) good luck.Read More »


Q: What goes on at a dentist appt?

A:Don't worry!! People judge people by first appearances, so teeth are very inportant. So remember all the time so that will be more inportant. The dentist, will ...Read More »


Q: What is the icarly episode name when sam goes to dentist?

A:Its called I think they kissed.Read More »


Q: What is the storyline of Wilson Goes to the Dentist ?

A:Add Full Plot | Add Synopsis Plot Keywords: Dennis The Menace | Neighbor | Small Town Life | Rhyme In Title | Based On Comic Strip | See more » Genres: Comedy ...Read More »


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What is used to measure preparation depth for crowns and bridge in dentistry?
For preparation of crowns and bridges, uniform reduction is not done. Reduction from occlusal and proximal aspect is not same. further reduction from functional and non-functional cusps is also different. There is as such no device for measurement of reduction.

What do you think of this passage?
Wow - you have a lot of work to do. First off, you need to learn about paragraphs. Your sentence structure needs work too, but such a general comment won't help you. Why all the detail about colour of the couches? What's the point of this whole scene? Is he somehow learning to deal with...

Can a foreign trained dentist get job in USA ?
That question is best directed at the state board of dentistry. Each state can have different requirements.

Should I go for dentistry or no?
First of all FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!! It is really your passion of dentistry that will help with all the hurdles along the way. unlike Nursing schools getting into dental school is equally hard! I'd suggest stick with Biology major for a while and take all the courses like Organic Chem, Microbiology...