Q: Which one should I choose if I'm taking dentistry in egypt: alexa...

A:I think the better question is why the * are you going to college in Egypt. especially dentistry, Egyptians don't have teeth, not many anyway.YOU CAN'T SAVE THE...Read More »


Q: This woman born in Alexandria, Egypt in the early part of the 3rd...

A:Saint Apollonia. Saint Apollonia was a beloved virgin nun living in Alexandria. Story tells that a mob captured Apollonia and other Christians. Saint Apollonia ...Read More »


Q: Do You Know That Cosmetic Dentistry Is Available To Everybody in ...

A:If you have been thinking of ways to lighten your smile or restore imperfections, there's never been a better time to do it in Alexandria. Demand for cosmetic d...Read More »


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Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry has been designed to make dental visits fun for kids and easy on parents. We look forward to taking great care of your family!
Welcome to Alexandria Advanced Dentistry! Our dental practice welcomes patients from Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, Springfield, Woodbridge, Fairfax .
17 Reviews of Alexandria Children s Dentistry "Dr. Austin and her staff are amazing! They are very patient and kind to the kids. As I was leaving the office .
Our Family Dentistry accepts patients of all ages: from children through adults. We proactively manage and treat your child s developing teeth, and well skilled in .
At Alexandria Children s Dentistry, we provide an environment that eases fears and encourages smiles. We do this by our caring touch, unique communicative .
Family and cosmetic dental practice offering Saturday hours. View photos, service descriptions and office directions.
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Sudhir Gopi is the founder of the Sudhir Gopi Holdings (SG holdings or Holdings). He is working as President of these institutions and making sure that quality education is provided to the students. SG Holdings is an education provider group and has institutions and universities based in different...

Dentists or Highway Robbers? Why Are Dentists Allowed to Charge So Much?
the actual setting up of a dental office is far more expensive than many other medical practices. recouping said costs never seem to end. i agree that the charges are high...getting some type of dental coverage helps either through employer or out sources (delta dental is the largest i believe)...

Will my dentist fix my broken tooth?
Of course the dentist will fix this for you this is their job :) off your exempt then you won't have to pay and as it's near the front if the mouth they will do a white filling for you. She will probably check your tooth, ask you how it happened, if you have had any pain or sensitivity, then...

I need 6 front teeth caped. Should I have a dentist with a DDS or a DMD do it?
Your regular dentist does not do regular dental work?? I don't think you are seeing a regular dentist, are you seeing a periodontist? Anyway, the Dr. above is right. DMD=DDS. Harvard could not translate DDS to Latin so they made the DMD degree. The dean or a dental school decides which...