Q: What you all think about the dentist.?

A:I used to really really hate them and refused to go until I started to get self-conscious about my look, especially my teeth since they have been wonky and croo...Read More »


Q: To all dentists? About your job...?

A:Salary differs if in practice Dental degree Good satisfaction good hours, patients dont pay sometimes and they dont really like dentistsRead More »


Q: What are the biggest misconceptions about dentists?

A:That all of them are honest about what is the most cost effective for you. They love to do unneccessary root-canals, that is where they can really make some mon...Read More »


Q: How to Talk to a Dentist About Dental Veneers.

A:1. Find out if you are a good candidate for veneers. Veneers should not be applied over teeth that have active periodontal disease or an insufficient amount of ...Read More »


all about a dentist

Dentists treat and interact closely with people of all ages and personalities. Each patient has unique problems and concerns, so the dentist develops and carries .
All dental schools require applicants to have completed certain required science courses, such as biology and chemistry. Majoring in a science, such as biology, .
In all these fields, you would use a range of dental and surgical techniques and instruments. In a hospital you would carry out some procedures in an operating .
A dentist and her assistant making a gold crown for a patient.All dentists in the U.S. must graduate from high school and complete required courses such as .
Opportunity to be your own boss and own a dental practice.Personally rewarding profession.Combines art and science. What does a dentist do?. Diagnose .
Approximately 80% of all dentists practice General Dentistry. General dentists treat all patients, adults and children, in many different treatment facilities and .
Dentists must be licensed in all states- requirements vary by state. To qualify for a license in most states, applicants must graduate from an accredited dental .
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Dentist recommendations for Lawton, OK
See a prosthodontist for best cosmetic work.

Can the dentist pull my tooth?
go to an oral surgeon. It's meant to get extracted there cuz there is not much to grab on. A dentist may or may not successful pull it off. Also, that dentist could damage the adjacent tooth/teeth if too much prying. Be safe and go to an oral surgeon. My bro made a big mistake going to a dentist...

Architect or Dentist?
I would suggest dentistry. It actually isn't really boring, they are coming out with awesome technology so by the time you get there you will be able to experience that. Right now, financially dentistry is better as well. If you open your own dentistry practice you could make it fun and create...

Where from I can find Free Dentistry books "A soft copy Online"?
You Can search it in google. type for example: Dentistry.pdf and it will bring you the available PDF books You can also type: Dentistry.ppt and you get the power point type of file

What is the best way to find a dentist in Redmond, Washington?
I used to live out there! I always went to Dr. frost. Their office is very luxurious and they treat patients like family. Very knowledgeable staff as well. http://drfrostdentistry.com/ is the website, great dentist!