Q: What you all think about the dentist.?

A:I used to really really hate them and refused to go until I started to get self-conscious about my look, especially my teeth since they have been wonky and croo...Read More »


Q: To all dentists? About your job...?

A:Salary differs if in practice Dental degree Good satisfaction good hours, patients dont pay sometimes and they dont really like dentistsRead More »


Q: What are the biggest misconceptions about dentists?

A:That all of them are honest about what is the most cost effective for you. They love to do unneccessary root-canals, that is where they can really make some mon...Read More »


Q: How to Talk to a Dentist About Dental Veneers.

A:1. Find out if you are a good candidate for veneers. Veneers should not be applied over teeth that have active periodontal disease or an insufficient amount of ...Read More »


all about dentist

Dr Prasanthi Ganga is a Dentist at All About Dental in Engadine NSW.she specialized in treating children s dentistry and Orthodontics. Call us at (02) 9520 .
Dentists treat and interact closely with people of all ages and personalities. Each patient has unique problems and concerns, so the dentist develops and carries .
We re all moved in! The office construction has been completed and we are set up and ready for you to see our great new space! The new office is across the .
A dentist and her assistant making a gold crown for a patient.All dentists in the U.S. must graduate from high school and complete required courses such as . Training - Responsibilities - Specialties - See also
Opportunity to be your own boss and own a dental practice.Personally rewarding profession.Combines art and science. What does a dentist do?. Diagnose .
Approximately 80% of all dentists practice General Dentistry. General dentists treat all patients, adults and children, in many different treatment facilities and .
All dental schools require applicants to have completed certain required science courses, such as biology and chemistry. Majoring in a science, such as biology, .
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Brite Smile?
yes i have and it worked well. I am an ex smoker and it took all the stains out. One thing they don't tell you is you need to have them re done every couple of months. my dentist gave me trays that you put a paste type chemical in you need to leave it in your mouth for a few hours. go for it

Any doctors in Lewisville accepting medicaid?
You will have to make calls and look them up yourself. we can't do it for you. I'm on medicaid and I've had to find my own doctors, often without the help of the internet, for 20+ years. You can do it. Do a search for specific doctors in your area. Go to state health clinics. Go to hospital...

How much cheaper is cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica vs. the U.S.?
Yes, it's very true. I'm going myself. There's some really great dentists there and the work for caps is 1/4 of what you'd pay here in the US. For one tooth cap it is 400.00. Here it is 1200.00 ~ Major difference. I read that the reason their prices are so low is because they don't have...

Does anyone know an NHS dentist in London?
London's a big city, any area in particular? Try calling NHS Direct on 08454647 and ask them for a list of NHS Dental Surgeries in your local area. You will not get anything for free unless you are receiving Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Pension Credit, under 18 years of age, aged...